New Jackie Dagger – “Buck Dat”


Along with Feloneezy, Jackie Dagger heads Teklife’s small cohort of Belgrade representatives, stretching the Chicago sound to extreme new geographic and sonic lengths. Dabbling in footwork, ghetto house, grime, ballroom and other disparate sounds, Dagger and Feloneezy begun to form their own unique sound distinct from the genre hubs they draw inspiration from. And while the debate over whether European producers have any right to rekindle the inner-city sounds of Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore, Dagger and Feloneezy often partake in the exercise with a particular grace that has endeared the duo to Teklife veterans and brought members of the crew to their hometown of Belgrade. “Buck Dat” is Dance Mania to the core, from the overblown rounded kicks to the vocal sample, and its a brutally efficient effort at that. Based on their mix work, Dagger and Feloneezy have begun to settle into a particular aesthetic, narrowing their tempo to 130-140 and drawing in on an ebullient, laser-focused and percussive sound.

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