FACT Mag Announces ‘Heterotopia’, Premieres Kid Antoine’s “Nightvision”


For the past several months, The Astral Plane team has been working towards releasing original music and the day has finally come to announce our first compilation. Heterotopia is a collection of twelve songs from twelve of our favorite artists, but also an investigation into club space, both figurative and literal, and an attempt to give voice to so-called fringe voices of the dance music world. Artists from New York, London, Chile, Copenhagen, Sydney and beyond contributed and while the tape is firmly rooted in the club music continuum, our goal in coalescing a global group of artists is to stretch, perforate and dissolve the physical and rhetorical limits inherent in the contemporary dance music discussion. Tom Lea at FACT Mag was kind enough to announce Heterotopia and premiere Kid Antoine‘s “Nightvision” today, stating that “if you’re looking for future key players from the underground this is as good a place to start as any.” Jesse Treece contributed the incredible album art work and Riley Lake, who also contributed a song to the compilation, worked diligently on the mastering to bring the best in every track. Heterotopia will be released on October 21 and over the coming weeks we’ll release much more music and information regarding the tape. In the meantime, get down to the ruggedly beatific sounds of “Nightvision” and peep the full track list below.

Track list:
Arkitect – Foucault’s Dream
Kid Antoine – Nightvision
Jacque Gaspard Biberkopf – Public Love
Air Max ’97 – Chasm
Victoria Kim – Apgu Freeway
Imaabs – Cautiverio
Rushmore – Moment X
Divoli S’vere – Free Bitch
Mike G – Limestone
Celestial Trax – Illuminate
Riley Lake – Euclidean Riddim
Iglooghost – Wood Farm

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