Download Club Chemtrail’s Armand Van Helden Remix Package


In recent years, the name of Armand Van Helden has been somewhat sullied as he flies the EDM banner higher and higher, but then again, the Boston-born garage pioneer never cared much for the cerebral side of things. Portland’s Club Chemtrail team, SPF666 and Commune, have the right idea with this remix package though, pointing to two of Van Helden’s seminal 90s hits and wrenching them out of their former glory. In a sense, both of the Portland-based producer’s efforts are reboots of Van Helden’s originals, maintaining most of the original, strutting intent, but filling each respective joint with an influx of attitude, whether it be derived from ballroom, bubbling, or the dembow-meets-techno of SPF666’s Scorpion Cache EP. Portland’s got it going on these days and the Chemtrail buds continue to lead the way.

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