Sheik Remixes Tony Phorse’s “1984”

sheikFunctioning as the b-side of the white label release for Tony Phorse‘s “Zartan In Reverse”, Sheik‘s “Robo Boogie” edit of Phorse’s “1984” hits on a number of contemporary sonic touchstones, but it’s an old school electro track at its core. The London producer’s rendition seems to fall into an almost half-time drawl at times, but the hi hats don’t stop before long the sharp kicks are punching again. The original “1984” came out on Phorse’s Zartan EP back in May 2014 on London imprint District Sound, a genre-mashing affair that, while a bit unfocused, is a thrilling listen from front to back. Sheik collects “1984”‘s manic energy and re-disperses it across the rigid backbone of sparse electro. The edit is “coming soon on white label.”

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