Premiere: CVNT TRAXXX – “Hypnotizin'”


If you follow our site, you’ve probably come across CVNT TRAXXX, either at his blog, regular FACT Mag column, or eccentric, ballroom surveying DJ mixes. A total package if we’ve ever come across one, CVNT TRAXXX is a journalist, scene documentarian, deejay and producer all wrapped in a single package. His next collection of original compositions, the appropriately titled 192THROWBAXX EP, will be released on Classical Trax’s Orange series and we’re lucky to bring you the ebullient throwback number that is “Hypnotizin'”. Due to a hard drive crash, the original compositions for the EP were lost, leaving only 192kbps bounce-outs, which might actually encapsulate the lo-fi ethos of the original better than what might have been released. “Hypnotizin'” certainly falls in that vein, a bubbly number that resembles the Strictly Rhythm label at its most carefree. While marking his trade with ballroom terminology and sonic touchstones, it’s clear that the UK producer is equally comfortable wading into more tried and true house territory, working diva and jackin templates into his big room ready aesthetic. Download “Hypnotizin'” below and be sure to check out the rest of CVNT TRAXXX’s creative ventures.

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