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Back in June, web outlet/community Classical Trax released two volumes of grime compilation Architecture in quick succession, bringing in artists like Maribor, Morten_HD, Archer, Korma and more to show off just how many different mutations of the UK sound has arisen. And while it might be a stretch to consider everything on Architecture: Chapter One and Two as following format established by the genre’s forefathers, the nomenclature still seems to fit in a vague sense. On September 30, Classical Trax will release a Deluxe Edition of the Architecture tapes, another stab at the London-centric sound with a new group of talent involved. Today, we’ve got Sugur Shane‘s Jeb1-produced and Deshawn Timothy-assisted “Vintage Rebel”, bringing together the two Philadelphia MCs with some classic-sounding sample chop production. Less an attempt to shoehorn a ballroom production template into grime or vise versa, “Vintage Rebel” features Sugur Shane and Deshawn Timothy spitting at their finest over Spooky-esque production, Jeb1’s cut up beat providing the perfect backdrop for the MC’s verbal acrobatics. Look out for Architecture: Deluxe Edition on September 30 and be sure to check out The Levels Are Very High‘s promo video for the tape after the jump. Artwork for the tape is by Jared Leopard.

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If you follow our site, you’ve probably come across CVNT TRAXXX, either at his blog, regular FACT Mag column, or eccentric, ballroom surveying DJ mixes. A total package if we’ve ever come across one, CVNT TRAXXX is a journalist, scene documentarian, deejay and producer all wrapped in a single package. His next collection of original compositions, the appropriately titled 192THROWBAXX EP, will be released on Classical Trax’s Orange series and we’re lucky to bring you the ebullient throwback number that is “Hypnotizin'”. Due to a hard drive crash, the original compositions for the EP were lost, leaving only 192kbps bounce-outs, which might actually encapsulate the lo-fi ethos of the original better than what might have been released. “Hypnotizin'” certainly falls in that vein, a bubbly number that resembles the Strictly Rhythm label at its most carefree. While marking his trade with ballroom terminology and sonic touchstones, it’s clear that the UK producer is equally comfortable wading into more tried and true house territory, working diva and jackin templates into his big room ready aesthetic. Download “Hypnotizin'” below and be sure to check out the rest of CVNT TRAXXX’s creative ventures.


With Resident Advisor throwing the spotlight on South African house music and British artists like Piri Piri and Moleskin pushing specific, regional sounds, kwaito, gqom and other forms have been brought to the forefront as of late. That being said, no external purveyor could elucidate the polyrhythmic complexities of the aforementioned sounds without the power of the internet, specifically Kasimp3 and Datafilehost. These sites act as both host and archive, as well as the face, of gqom, kwaito and other South African dance forms, allowing artists like DJ Lag, DJ Sdunkero and Altra to flex out their tunes in a public forum. The notorious lack in sonic quality of many tunes on both respective sites has only added to the legend, a fervor wildly inventive 96kbps clips, tracks and songs, some taking the form of instrumental sketches and some coming out as fully formed pop entities. We asked Matt Lutz, DJ and curator of online club music conversation hub and community Classical Trax, to compile his favorite Kasimp3 finds and he came through with the following classics and rare finds. These are some of the best tracks on the site, but its only a quick dip into the depth of quality that Durban, Johannesburg and other South African cities have to offer. Find the rest of our 2014 coverage, including contributions from Riley Lake and Tomas Fraser (of Coyote Records) here.

I recently discovered this incredible genre of South African house music, mainly based in Durban known purely as IGQOM  or Gqom. The music is raw, banging and sounds pure and rugged. I wanted to put together five of my most played tracks that I have discovered from this past year. Finding these tracks can be a hassle, but using sites like Kasimp3 and Datafilehost along with numerous searches on Facebook and Soundcloud can bring some much needed treasures for your sets.I hope everyone will find their own favorite tracks and please support the artists!

(No Particular Order)

1. Altra – True Colors

I discovered the young producer Altra through the amazing label Goon Club All-Stars and Moleskin as he has done a few powerful mixes and will be releasing some tunes in the near future from some of these artists. True Colors is unlike any track I have heard before and will make you earn for more. Download “True Colors” here.

2. Local Boiz and Ma-Leven – 1st Gathering

This track has a incredible broken glass intro effect and then just goes off into another dimension perfect for dancing and club atmospheres.

3. C&C Music Factory – Keep It Coming (DJ Lusiman Remix)

The track was made 3 years ago but taking the durban house sound and mixing it with a 90’s house track just seems to be a good fit! Download Lusiman’s “Keep It Coming” remix here.

4. DJ Lag – Ice Drop

Lag has so many rhythmic blast songs and off kilter noises that its hard to pick a favorite but Ice Drop is one of his tracks that i enjoy the most and is perfect to mix in with some modern day club! Download “Ice Drop” here.

5. Ice Boiz – Places

I don’t know much about the Ice Boiz…but Places is a incredible track which uses a lot of raw sounds and a typical sounds. Download “Places” here.


There was a time when forums were the key cog of internet discussion, lo-tek hubs where specialists traded acerbic banter on any number of niche topics. These days, that banter has found a new home in social media, Facebook and Twitter eagerly taking on the brunt of the internet’s collective outrage. And while the large majority of outlandish sub-tweets and ill-intentioned facebook comments about ebola are the virtual equivalent of water trash, a good deal of meaningful, moderated discourse does occur in various corners of the social media landscape. Classical Trax is a facebook group for club music obsessives, who, despite (or maybe because) vast geographical distances, come together to share whatever sonic pleasure they see best fits the proverbial club environment. With a few hitches here and there, the group has managed to bring together a number of fans, writers, DJs and producers who would otherwise never share music, or theorize on the past, present and future of the club space.

Recently, the group held an internal contest to remix a set of Divoli S’vere acapellas and the group admin was kind enough to enlist myself as one of the judges. Predictably, the quality gap of the results is vast, but a selection of edits/reworks have managed to mesmerize the “judges”, none more than Ursula‘s “Sabhyata Divoli Like This”, an non-concrete deconstruction of the Qween Beat representative’s recapitulative flow. Ursula latches onto the versatility of Divoli’s verbal alacrity, pairing it with a cornucopia of playful melodic twists, wobbling low end, barbed ballroom crashes and resonant choral vocals.

The result is a disorienting landscape of fable and folly, a roundabout loop through abstracted vogue culture touchstones, grime signifiers, all tied together by a keen sense of spatial awareness rarely found outside of collage experts like E+E, Lotic and Why Be. Ursula’s take is reverent of Divoli’s envy-inducing flow, but falls far from the legion of bland ballroom approximations that appear daily on soundcloud. There were other edits submitted to the CT contest that reworked Divoli in an interesting fashion, but none grappled with the inherent anger, performative culture, or, slim as it may be, hopeful spirit of vogue culture more than Ursula’s take.