Astral Plane Radio 011

astral plane radio 011

Starting next Monday (3/23), Astral Plane Radio will be evolving beyond the friendly confines of this space and taking over a monthly spot at Los Angeles AM station KCHUNG. Broadcasting on 1630 AM, KCHUNG is a bastion of DIY spirit and it’s a pleasure to take over a regular spot with the station. So Angelenos, tune in at 4 PM this upcoming Monday for an hour of dubs, future and former Astral Plane releases and maybe a guest mix or two from friends and family. As a result, Astral Plane Radio 011 will be our last self-produced volume and while KCHUNG allows for 100% autonomy in their programming, it is a little sad to give up our own series. Track list for Astral Plane Radio 011 is above and we hope to be with you next week on KCHUNG.

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