Kid Antoine’s Proximity EP Out Now On Her Records


Copenhagen-based producer Kid Antoine has been garnering accolades from across the board as of late, producers and fans alike fawning over his dubs, KA edits and the Truancy Volume that debuted earlier this month. Antoine also contributed a key track to our Heterotopia compilation, which was later remixed by fellow Her member Fraxinus. Yesterday marked the release of Antoine’s debut Proximity EP through Her Records and the tape’s militant take on the club form is a tantalizing reminder that the hyper is very real. Made of four originals and a Miss Modular rework, Proximity touches on Jersey club and kuduro mainly, the two percussive templates drenched in the producer’s now-trademark searching melodies. Alongside Murlo, Antoine has done remarkable work at conjoining an almost twee focus on melody with the harsh, bang-the-box ethos that has become the Her calling card since Miss Modular’s “Reflector Pack” single. Proximity is out now and can be bought in digital form here.

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