Astral Plane DJ Team – KCHUNG – March 23, 2015


Yesterday afternoon, the Astral Plane DJ Team headed to KCHUNG’s Chinatown studio to record the first of a now monthly show. After a few technical issues and a lot of fuzz, the show got going in earnest and we were able to run through a ton of material, including new Jam City, a few Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf dubs and plenty of tracks from our Heterotopia comps. Moving forward, the show will likely feature a more experimental, less dancefloor-oriented direction, offering up a space for our more abstract tendencies. Considering that “For Club Use Only” is pretty much a condensed outlet for our club music tastes, KCHUNG will take a seat at the opposite end of the spectrum. We’ll still likely pepper in some Astral Plane Radios on our own here and there when we’re bored. A month in between shows in a long while after all. Enjoy.

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