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Due to some technological constraints, we spent our most recent slot in the KCHUNG studios playing individual tracks off of our laptop and while mixing is always preferred, the change of pace allowed us to play some of our favorite, less-dance-oriented tracks out to the very end. You’ll find a few tracks from our recent Don’t Watch That chart and For Club Use Only feature in FACT Mag as well as some stray Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf, Smurphy and Ana Caprix tracks. Tonight, we’re filling in for a friend and will be back on KCHUNG for a special, vinyl-only session from 9 to 10 PM Pacific Time. As always, tune into 1630 AM if you’re in Los Angeles (and near Chinatown as the reception is dodgy as hell) and stream here if you’re global.


A year after his passing, it’s still extremely difficult to grapple DJ Rashad’s sudden death, but it has become increasingly important to celebrate his life, legacy and importance to footwork and contemporary music at large. It’s neither our place or within our skill set to eulogize Rashad, but with anniversary of his passing taking place this past Sunday (April 26) and our monthly slot on KCHUNG going down the next day, there wasn’t a better time to lay down some of our favorite tracks from the legend. Double Cup features heavily of course, but so does Teklife Vol. 1: Welcome To The Chi, DJ Spinn’s Teklife Vol. 2: What You Need and the dozens of other collaborative projects he helped out with and/or co-produced. DJ Earl, DJ Manny, DJ Phil, Taso and more pop up here and there and Rashad’s influence, both in terms of the raw musical inspiration he imbued and his own oversized personality, is palpable among Teklife’s younger generation. Hyperdub’s Rashad-inspired Next Life compilation is still available here and there are still so many artists from Chicago putting on for footwork and furthering the legend of Rashad Harden.

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Yesterday afternoon, the Astral Plane DJ Team headed to KCHUNG’s Chinatown studio to record the first of a now monthly show. After a few technical issues and a lot of fuzz, the show got going in earnest and we were able to run through a ton of material, including new Jam City, a few Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf dubs and plenty of tracks from our Heterotopia comps. Moving forward, the show will likely feature a more experimental, less dancefloor-oriented direction, offering up a space for our more abstract tendencies. Considering that “For Club Use Only” is pretty much a condensed outlet for our club music tastes, KCHUNG will take a seat at the opposite end of the spectrum. We’ll still likely pepper in some Astral Plane Radios on our own here and there when we’re bored. A month in between shows in a long while after all. Enjoy.