Astral Plane DJ Team – KCHUNG – May 25, 2015


Due to some technological constraints, we spent our most recent slot in the KCHUNG studios playing individual tracks off of our laptop and while mixing is always preferred, the change of pace allowed us to play some of our favorite, less-dance-oriented tracks out to the very end. You’ll find a few tracks from our recent Don’t Watch That chart and For Club Use Only feature in FACT Mag as well as some stray Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf, Smurphy and Ana Caprix tracks. Tonight, we’re filling in for a friend and will be back on KCHUNG for a special, vinyl-only session from 9 to 10 PM Pacific Time. As always, tune into 1630 AM if you’re in Los Angeles (and near Chinatown as the reception is dodgy as hell) and stream here if you’re global.

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