Premiere: Kali Mutsa – El Cuerpo (Imaabs Remix)

DSC_2652 copy

Originally appearing on Souvenance, a tape of haunting, driving songs, Kali Mutsa‘s “El Cuerpo” recently got the remix from Astral Plane fave Imaabs, giving the carnivalesque original a cutthroat edge.  Part of a remix package that also includes Neana, Sudanim and more, Imaabs’ take on the Chilean artist’s “El Cuerpo” is another absolute hitter, cutting out most of Musta’s vocal work and utilizing what’s left to almost choral effect. Like most of the Santiago-based tunes, a simple melody seems to tie the whole affair together as it slowly mutates into a sinister, hypnotic dancefloor number. Kali Mutsa has some words about the original and the direction Imaabs took the remix:
“El Cuerpo” is about a lady who used to drive out my evil spirits. When I was a little girl, she taught me that “el cuerpo” or the physical body was the only thing we had. She taught me to embrace and accept death, and distance myself from the fear associated with nothingness. It’s a lesson that has stuck with me ever since.
Imaabs gave the track a ritualistic tone that’s much more melancholic than the original. The darkness is hypnotic and closer to the version we play live together. He’s managed to make a version I like more than the original. I love it.”
The Souvenance Remixes EP is out November 1 on ENDMK and the remaining remixes can be streamed here. Also, be sure to check out the flashy ENDMK website here.

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