Premiere: Morten HD – Pink Light Incident

morten hd

One of the most active artists in the Classical Trax online community, Norway-based Morten HD has shown off a remarkable work ethic over the past several years, turning out quality originals, edits and mixes at every turn and refusing to measure down his polyglotic approach to a multitude of club-oriented forms. The Xenoglossia LP is out Friday on Druid Cloak’s Apothecary Compositions and is Morten’s host complete project to date, 16 tracks of roughhewn grime with sojourns into noise, jungle and techno. It’s the sort of record that clearly exists in the context of the internet, but is also perfectly ready for club play at a moments notice. “Pink Light Incident” is a Xenoglossia standout and features one of the more jarring arrangements on the record as hurtling noise, church bells and what sounds like a deranged fax machine conglomerate around stop-start drum programming. Xenoglossia is out Friday and pre-orders for the cassette and digital versions are available here.

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