Nunu arrives on Astral Plane Recordings with harrowing debut


Working on the fringes of electronic music for the past few years, Nunu has developed an approach to club forms that is at once deeply familiar and intensely dissociative, subverting traditional elements in his fundamentally untraditional productions. Having experimented with a range of percussive, dancefloor-oriented forms, the Strasbourg native has ventured into more abstract territory as of late, filtering an infatuation with artificial intelligence and cyborg technology into his own communicable aesthetic. The result of that work is the Mind Body Dialogue EP, six unrelenting efforts out July 1 on Astral Plane Recordings.

Today, THUMP has the premiere of Mind Body Dialogue opener “Punani”, referring to the track’s “insectoid dribbles of blurred tone” and shining some light on the human-machine intimacy explored through the release. Be sure to check out Nunu’s mix for Endgame’s Precious Metals show on NTS a few weeks back and be on the look out for Mind Body Dialogue on July 1!

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