The Astral Plane on Radar Radio w/ Astral Plane DJ Team, Resla – August 22


On Monday night, we took to the airwaves for our monthly slot on Radar Radio (fourth Monday of every month) and brought along a guest mix from Resla, one of our favorite new producers who has gotten a lot of play in previous Radar sessions and featured in our monthly column for FACT Magazine. The Chilean producer’s guest session plays out in the second hour and features almost 50 songs including new material from Astral Plane faves mobilegirl, Soda Plains, Spaceseeds, Santa Muerte and Dinamarca. It’s sent us scrambling since he first sent it over and if you can follow the rapid switch ups you might just get an early taste of a heap of forthcoming material. The Astral Plane DJ Team handles the first hour, which features some unreleased label material, forthcoming tracks from Imaabs, Kid Antoine & CYPHR and Letta, plus a quick run through of our favorite non-dance tracks of late. Hit the jump for a track list and enjoy. We’ll be back on September 26.

Astral Plane DJ Team (0:00 – 1:00)

LOFT – Perimeter
Imaabs – Extravío (feat. Lía Nadja & Felicia Morales)
J Capri – Heat My Love
CYPHR & Kid Antoine – Misceo
Los Rakas – Move Yo Body (feat. Iamsu! & HBK Skipper)
Kalado – The Way We Ride
Tomasa Del Real & Boris Castro – 1313 (La Chimba Neo Perreo Club Edit)
Jeremih – Impatient (Leonce Bounce Edit)
King Doudou – Fiebre Riddim
Endgame – Felony Riddim (Chino Amobi Remix)
Moro – Contra El Metal
Anatka x J Balvin – Necesitas Reggaeton
Svani & Mina – Hexacorallia
Keiska – Poison Edit
Organ Tapes – THROAT SANG OUTTA THE FIRE (LOTR x Huun-Huur-Tu x Spalazanis Tochter)
Lanark Artifax – Dialoq 2 (Timestretch)
Kepla – Veata’s Call
Loom – North Star (Letta Remix)
LOFT – With Eye Contact
N-Prolenta – thingthing
SHALT – Acheron (M.E.S.H. Remix)
Loom – Kate (Weightless Version)
Chants – Susurrus Pt. 1 (Sim Hutchins Remix)

Resla (1:00 – 2:00)
Spaceseeds x Resla-????
Dinamarca-Zorna (kablam remix)
Cumbia indy
De la ghetto-Quien te dijo
Ante Xta
Héctor & Tito-Quieren imitarme
Dinamarca x Resla-Religión
Lil Crack-Agressive Riddim
Dinamarca x Kablam-DINABLAM
Rivera-Spice edit
Zutzut-Tanta Negro
F8994ht11 21. Mars
Touch it x mm cellar
Bádminton Riddim
HI tom tool
Wwwings-Celestial driftin
Toxe x mechatok (Zutzut edit)
Team mekano-en la disco
Tiimy (gil edit)
Spaceseed-Narcissism (resla edit)
Lifes a Bitch 2k16 (Rivera duro edit)
Just a girl (b.yhzz remix)
Anuel-Or nah
Mobilegirl-gmmm demo
Frozen over trá (zutzut)
Tozko Paran (avbvm remix)
Wwwings x santa muerte-void
Soda Plains-Destroyment
B.yhzz-stair chase
Resla-No Fear
Do your think you’re Better 2
Polar melt
Soulja-birdwalk(zora jones)
Souleets-green land

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  1. moses said:

    pls i want astral projection binaural beats

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