Premiere: French Mount Ultra – Broken Teeth

french mount ult

Coming in as the 10th release in the Liminal Sounds catalogue, French Mount Ultra’s Static Assembly is a striking label debut for the London-based producer, six tracks of searing industrial noise and reinforced grime structures. Having self-released two sprawling EPs/albums including August 2015’s excellent Sirens. Heavy. Poison., FMU has found a home with the club experimentalists at Liminal Sounds, following a Summer-ready release from Orlando Volcano and following in the steps of artists like Copout, Air Max ’97 and Soda Plains. Today we’ve got “Broken Teeth” on premiere, a resolute take on video game grime that comes across like a wild animal trying to break out of its cage. It also recalls the beat stylings of artists like Samiyam and Dibiase, or even more recent work from Iglooghost, a spastic take on sound design that takes knocking the listener out of their seat as first order of business. The rest of Static Assembly is no less manic, making the quick run time of 21 minutes seem both lightning fast and oddly distended. Static Assembly is out September 23 and is available for pre-order here.

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