BSNYEA Mix For The Astral Plane


New York and its surrounding areas have been a source of innovative club music since the advent of electronic music, but it has been particularly fertile in the 2010s, spawning refreshingly new sounds with regularity. In January, we featured a driving mix from Brooklyn’s Epic B, one of the foremost proponents of flex dance music (FDM), and our love for the city’s ballroom sound and neighboring Newark’s Jersey Club scene is well established. Today, we turn our attention to Litefeet and BSNYEA, the former being the notorious musical companion to New York’s subway dancers and the latter a producer pushing the sound into exciting new directions. Like FDM, Litefeet is intrinsically coupled with its dance form, developing in response to dancer’s needs and eventually mutating into a genuinely symbiotic relationship.

BSNYEA’s music seems to always fall distinctly on the front foot, usually falling in a comfortable 105-110 BPM range and drawing on classic hip hop references as much as contemporary production techniques. It’s hip hop with a flashy, dancefloor-turned verve, akin to New Orleans Bass and Miami Bass in its raw, stripped back efficiency. Edits of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Trippie Redd are uploaded at a rapid pace and juxtaposed with  flashy originals with titles like “Break It Fix It”, “Tap Step” and “Bartender Please”. BSNYEA’s sound fits in Litefeet’s current trajectory (the Swizz Beatz influence is palpable), but also takes on a new dimension, infusing a start-stop sensibility and enough space to bring out the weirder dancers. His Astral Plane Mix is an exhibition in solo excellence, featuring an unrelenting stream of edits and originals featuring his signature take on the Litefeet sound. It’s pure body music so throw this one on and get ready to move. Download is available here. No track list.

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