The Astral Plane on NTS w/ AP DJ Team – June 8


Recorded in advance at the Close Up of the Serene HQ in Milwaukee. A few forthcoming APR bits from Alis, M.D. James and Nunu, plus unreleased Ariel Zetina, Chams, E.M.M.A., MICHAELBRAILEY & IceBoy_Violet, N1L, Oroboro and Utah?. Free Greedo. Track list after the jump.

O$VMV$M – Bey So Hiii
Alis – ???
Ariel Zetina – Kiki In Space
Dasychira – Umbreon (ft. Malibu)
N1L – The End Of Your Suffering (Colin Stetson Cover)
Cuyo – RIA (Foozool Remix)
Utah? – Lapse
03 Greedo – I Heard
Klein – Collect (ft. Diamond Stingily)
Paramore X Walking In The Snow – bod [ ¶÷] (no longing home edit)
David W. Sutton – Lemon Fields
Rezzett – Zootie (Yavas Mix)
Sky H1 – Huit (Cold Tea Der Kindestod Bludgeoned Version)
M.D. James – ???
MICHAELBRAILEY – Electric Clouds (ft. IceBoy_Violet)
Oli XL – Atonal Cut
Alis – ???
Oroboro – Armed Concrete
City – Shame Dagger
Ryoji Ikeda – Body Music [For Duo], Op.4 (2016) II
Ryoji Ikeda x Kid Smpl x Rick Ross – !Æ data.riven… 🛰_fi _˝_ÿ🌏🌍🌎_Ji__ =IKEDÂ≤^À≈🌤_›{adiosurf-_]ruˆÜ-ÙHK± lag  .%data.px_Sœ˘˙≈_ ł   ÊR_˝_ćk ö∏ _🌿 _IKID§MP__ (poem version) [MICHAELBRAILEY edit]
Born In Flamez – Easier (Aisha Devi Remix)
Lasgo – Something (E.M.M.A. Edit)
Nunu – ???
Ytem – Réalité
N1L – Undo The Anthropocene
Daniel Katinsky – Pointilisticasm
Yikii – The Last Voice
DJ Lostboi – XO Torus Lif3 (Torus Remix)
Klein – Last Chance
Alis – ???
Celestial Trax – Saariaho
Chams – Tad
Oxhy – Rafig
Harun Farocki x Philip Sulidae x The Witcher III Gameplay – 🏔✨⛰🌳🌳🌿🌳🦎🗡🌱🌱🌿🌱🌳🌳🗻⚡️🗻Mountains @ Fyresdal, Skellige Isles [MICHAELBRAILEY edit]

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