The Astral Plane on NTS – 1/17/20


After playing all label/label artist music on our December NTS show, I decided to dive into the HD for a taste of dynamic new music from the past two months. Dancefloor material was more inspiring than usual this time around and I was able to fit in a collection of FDM, litefeet and other 100 BPM-ish tracks into the first 30 minutes. Check out NYOP’s 0 collection and one-offs from Epic B, Davincii and MVSTERMIND. Fridge’s 666 Speed, quest?onmarc’s PHOENIX and DJ Nigga Fox’s Cartas Na Manga were also major focal points for the opening bit of the show.

Vocal edits from v1984, Pininga, nunu and Kelman Duran, as well as a few choice songs from the forthcoming DJ Lostboi and Torus split, form the next section. Sadly, it looks like Kelman took everything on his Bandcamp down, but you can hear “she said she from da westside, yeah she said the best side” below and “die here” in TTB’s most recent show. Having the opportunity to link up tracks that denaturalize the traditionally beautiful and revivify familiar material is one of my favorite parts of composing the show each month. Eartheater & LEYA’s Angel Lust is also a must have and exhibits a few of the qualities that make Eartheater’s live performances so special.

The mixing in the remainder of the show is a bit ropey, but managed to touch on must have new Ase Manual, Bamao Yendé, Color Plus, Ecko Bazz, Gant-Man, Sonia Calico and more. There are a few special Aya edits in there as well. Speaking of which, her latest NTS show is an R.I.P. LOFT special that brings in tracks from various aliases dating back to 2009. You can grab a bunch of those over at her Bandcamp. For a more complete track list, hit the jump and/or check out the Buy Music Club rundown of a good portion of what we played. Our show will be back on February 14 and we’ll have announced APR123 and APR124 by then so keep an eye out.

quest?onmarc – ephemera
DJ Nigga Fox – 5 Violinos
Ms Nina – Pastillas (King Doudou Edit)
Abssys – followthewhiterabbit
NYOP – Bruk Dissa
Liquid City Motors – fog warning
NYOP – Got Crunk
Epic B – Ransom Riddim
Davincii – The Orion
MVSTERMIND – robot pirate island
PND – Loyal (HANN Flip)
Toxe x Aaliyah (v1984 edit)
nunu – stockholm jeremih ntp edit
Kelman Duran – she said she from da westside, yeah she said the best side
Eartheater & LEYA – Milky Eye
DJ Lostboi – LB 100
bod [包家巷] – _3 i’m deleting this song when my album comes out ON (DECEMBER 5TH)
Mr. Mitch – Corona (Peace Edit)
Torus – Enter The Sun
Ase Manual – LAVISH ASS
Color Plus – Popped
Logos – Dust
DJ Nigga Fox – Talanzele
L-Vis 1990, NAAFI Allstars & Dinamarca – Noticia
Imaabs – Abus
AceMo x DJ SWISHA – Expert Level
quest?onmarc – phoenix
Ecko Bazz – Kyusa embela (Gunfinger Mix)
Lil Asaf x Khadija – ???
Trends – Snakes & Ladders (Mr. Mitch Remix)
Bamao Yendé – Molo Desire
Swan Meat – Lisp (Sonia Calico Remix)
BALTIMEGA – Chillin Like A Villain
Ase Manual – STANK ASS
Kush Jones x DJ SWISHA – Snare Track
Florentino – Na Fuga (Kelman Duran Remix)
AYA – Badman VIP VIP
Nahshi – BDJTOOL
Gant-Man – Night Of The Living Jukeheads
DJ Earl – 2020 Chop
AYA – Oneohtrix Point Never – Along (LTJ Bukem Remix)

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