I’m in love with mary jane, call me peter parker

Higher than a damn plane, don’t let me travis barker

Jarv Dee is a Seattle native, Cloud Nice representative, and Nacho Picasso affiliate. He’s not the most talented rapper in the world. In some cases though, outright lyricism doesn’t matter. I’m not saying Jarv is in the Lil B categorie of artists that make a name off of their exquisite weirdness though. Instead, Jarv just makes fun songs. He has a great ear for beats, fits the everyman persona, and more importantly, appears to have fun on the mic. It doesn’t help that he’s honest either. Not honest in a naked, brutal sense like Schoolboy Q, but honest in the sense that he raps about what he knows and he know what he raps about. Anyways, Jarv has a new video for his track “I Just Wanna” focused on everyday struggles and the vices that appease them. There’s a sense of escapism in the track, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. You can stream/download the track from Bandcamp below.

*Jesus does not appear in this video, but images of the lord are everywhere. Seek and ye shall find and by way, Blu is not Jesus and neither are you, Thank You*

That’s the message scrawled across the screen at the beginning of the video for his Madlib produced single, “Jesus.” Provocative to say the least. The technicolor visuals go hand in hand with the warm vibe of the track, while the imagery is a mixture of religious monuments and LA gangbanging scenes. A drive-by shooting, prostitutes and parties are interspersed with various churches and beautiful Southern California boulevards. If you’re not interested in reading too deep into what Blu and director aaronisnotcool are attempting to say through the clips, just enjoy the revitalization of one last summer’s best collaborations as the weather warms up.

Shabazz Palaces have made quite the impression over the last year or so since the unheralded release of their first EP in select Seattle record stores. 2011’s Black Up was a resounding success, and the duo is now one of the most critically acclaimed groups in both the hip hop and Pitchfork crowds. Part of the Shabazz appeal is their unique visual aesthetic and today, we are graced with visuals for Black Up standout “are you… can you… were you? (felt).” The video features some beautiful Seattle imagery, a beautiful protagonist, and more. As if the video isn’t enough to satiate our need for savant, the duo announced a few dozen new tour dates across the US, Canada and Europe. Check out the full list of tour dates after the jump and expect some more words on the current state of music videos in the near future.

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