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Coming off the back of a second Boiler Room appearance, this one facilitated by Teki Latex, London’s Nervous Horizon crew is riding high, seemingly popping up on hotly tipped label’s release schedules and remix packages everywhere while continuing to settle in on their own crew/label-specific sound that’s becoming increasingly unmissable with every new release. Meanwhile, the Infinite Machine outfit has continued its upward swing in 2016, releasing an exciting debut from the Tropical Waste representing Iydes and a startling, drop-heavy EP from WWWINGS. The Montreal/Mexico City-based label’s next release comes from Los Angeles-based Alfred English, a graphic designer and producer who has plied his trade in the slick web-centric art and the artificial strains of metallic club music over the past few years.

Taking on English’s “Piston” from the EP of the same name, Nervous Horizon members Tsvi & Luru, who are quickly becoming a formidable duo, have flipped the relatively straightforward original into a towering effort that alternates between breakneck four-on-the-floor sections and brass-y, larger-than-life interludes. With its laser and pulse sounds, pumping sheet metal percussion and Godzilla’s arriving horn work, the London-based producer’s take on the original borrows from a number of recognizable tropes from the past few years, but by virtue of compiling them in such a complex, enveloping manner the two succeed in making the track well more than the sum of its parts. Piston, which also features remixes from Patrick Brian, WWWINGS and ETEVLEH is out on April 29 via Infinite Machine.


3025 is one of the latest party companies to arise out of Los Angeles, pushing an eclectic array of sonic styles at cheap (or free) prices out of their home base at Silver Lake venue Los Globos. Two weeks from today (March 29), 3025 is bringing out one of our absolute favorites in Air Max ’97, contributor to our debut Heterotopia compilation, resident at Melbourne’s club_ESC and head of the up-and-coming DECISIONS label. AM97 will be joined by Los Angeles’ own Alfred English (Infinite Machine) and Suspect Bitch (Club Aerobics), two artists pushing club sounds into ever-more elastic and spastic territory. We couldn’t be more excited to see AM97 and crew bring it mid-week so we’ve partnered with 3025 to give away two pairs of tickets to the night. Following their mission, tickets for the night are only $5 (with RSVP), but enter your favorite AM97 track below and you might just be able to skip over that already low cost. See you on the floor.


If you’ve followed the site and/or regularly tune into our Radar Radio show, you’ll know that DJ J Heat is one of our absolute favorite Jersey club producers and this Saturday, he’s headlining Wile Out Presents Ghetto Musick at Los Globos alongside Gianni Lee and Alfred English. Despite hearing Jersey played on a regular basis around Los Angeles clubs and parties, it’s all too rare that one of the culture’s more genuine purveyors come through so Saturday is set to be a special affair and to celebrate we’re giving away a pair of tickets. All you have to do is enter your favorite J Heat remix (ours is “Never Gon Lose”) and you’ll be put in a pot. We’ll be contacting winners Saturday morning.

We also spoke with J Heat over email about his musical lineage (his father was a DJ at legendary Newark club Zanzibar), the release he’s working on for Night Slugs and how he chooses remix source material. As one of the most prodigious and hardworking artists in the culture, it’s a pleasure to have him out to Los Angeles so don’t miss out on this one. Find more info on Wile Out here and grab yourself a ticket to Saturday’s party here.

Hi John, how are you? Have you played in Los Angeles before?

Hey I’m great and you self !? No this will be my 1st debut I’m very excited haha.

I’m good! When did you start making music? Does your family have a musical background?

I’ve been making music since I was like 10. Yes my father was a Zanzibar Dj and my uncle Dj money got me into club music and he was always keeping me busy as a kid.

How did your connection with Night Slugs come about? Do you have a release on the label in the works?

I’ve been in touch with Bok Bok and L Vis 1990 for a while on the internet based they were interested in a slew of songs I had Thru Internet communication. We recently just linked in the summer of 2015. Yes I have my 1st EP being released by them I’m super excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on I want every the world to experience jersey how it’s suppose to be experienced.

You’ve done an extensive amount of remix work and I consistently come back to your work as some of the best in the Jersey club world. Especially like your “Never Gon Lose” and “Moments In Love” remixes. How do you choose your source material? And how do you differentiate yourself from the other Jersey club producers remixing the same songs?

Thank you that truly means allot to me as a person who loves and respects our culture and been doing it for so long .
“Never Gon Lose” and “Moments In Love” is a favorite amongst my work due to the fact of ideas i run across on the daily. I choose my material thru the outputs ideas and sources that are available to me. It all comes thought out and finessed as i work thru out the track. And I been that way I’ve always have been a person with a signature style different from the usual.

What else do you have planned while you’re out here in LA?

I plan to work with as many friends, supporters and people who would love to learn about the jersey culture. Eat some in and out hang in the studio and spread the sound and built a relation to all the supporters of the jersey club culture.