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We only came across Yoshitaka Hikawa‘s music this year, but in the matter of a few months he has become an Astral Plane favorite, showing off his clattering aesthetic across a series of edits, collaborations and mixes and establishing himself as one of the foremost voices in the edit/collage sector. Noisy, manic and often full of odd vocal bits, tranquil piano and enough paranoiac ambience to unsettle just about anyone, the Japanese artist’s work is truly special and it was a pleasure to have him come on our Radar Radio show earlier this week. Hikawa came through a special of only music from London’s Beatgatherers outfit, which makes sense because he’s released some of his best work on the label. Tracks from Hikawa himself, Pope, Graves and Barla highlight the mix which starts at about an hour and thirty three minutes in. The Astral Plane DJ Team starts of the first two thirds of the mix with a heap of Astral Plane Recordings material and new dubs and releases from Sully, Bruce, Leonce, Liquid City Motors, Mr. Mitch, Mechatok, B. YHZZ, Silk Road Assassins, x/o, Celestial Trax, Dis Fig, GAIKA, Famous Eno, Tsvi & Lorenzo_BITW, DJ Tray and DJ Haram. It’s all over the place as we like it so trap in and enjoy. Track list after the jump.

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For the March edition of our Radar Radio show, we tapped two very special artists for guest mixes. Starting with this show, we’ll be putting more of an emphasis on guests and pushing new talent, hoping to offer up a less rigid platform for bringing on artists than our mix series. The first guest session comes from Abyss X, one of our favorite Los Angeles-based artists who officially debuted on Lao’s Extasis label last year. The Greek-born artist’s mix runs along at a torrid pace, hitting on gqom, southern rap, mahraganat and seemingly everything in between. Check out her Echoes EP here and look out for more heat from Abyss X moving forward. French artist Nunu came through with the second session for the show and this Summer he’ll be joining the Astral Plane Recordings family with his label debut. More news on that to come, but for now you can imbibe in his mix which balances noisy pop tropes and contemporary club jams with aplomb. Our own Astral Plane DJ Team starts off the first hour with new tracks from Ziúr, Chino Amobi, Brood Ma, Waterhouse, Mina & Lorenzo_BITW, Gage, v1984, Amnesia Scanner, Celestial Trax & Roosevelt, Mercury Drums and more. Stream the show below, download here and check out the (partial) track list after the jump.

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Having a regular outlet for our mix work has been a real pleasure this year and we have to give a big shout to great team at Radar Radio for hosting our monthly show. Radar has managed to curate a thoroughly diverse schedule of shows featuring names big and small in a remarkably short period and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the team. Our last show of 2015, from December 28, featured Seattle hardcore techno purveyor HHOPE on the guest mix and a selection of some of our favorite ambient/drone/other non-club oriented musics. You can hear a few tracks from SHALT’s upcoming Acheron EP, out January 29 on Astral Plane Recordings, and some special bootlegs of tracks from October’s Psychotropia compilation. Hit the jump for the full track list, featuring tracks from Sim Hutchins, Exit Sense, Pan Daijing, Chino Amobi and more, stream below and download here.

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Due to some technological constraints, we spent our most recent slot in the KCHUNG studios playing individual tracks off of our laptop and while mixing is always preferred, the change of pace allowed us to play some of our favorite, less-dance-oriented tracks out to the very end. You’ll find a few tracks from our recent Don’t Watch That chart and For Club Use Only feature in FACT Mag as well as some stray Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf, Smurphy and Ana Caprix tracks. Tonight, we’re filling in for a friend and will be back on KCHUNG for a special, vinyl-only session from 9 to 10 PM Pacific Time. As always, tune into 1630 AM if you’re in Los Angeles (and near Chinatown as the reception is dodgy as hell) and stream here if you’re global.


The Astral Plane DJ Team was back on Radar Radio last night for the second time, bringing an hour of 100 BPM-ish dancehall, rap and dembow to the London station. The track list is still in the fog at the moment, but be on the lookout for selections from Sudanim, Sami Baha, Drippin, Santa Muerte and Sinjin Hawke. For the second hour of our slot, we brought in our good friend and neighbor Arkitect and the Private Selection co-head brought an hour of blistering, all-vinyl techno. As we continue to feature more and more of our Los Angeles friends, cohorts and assistants, we hope to showcase as much of the talent, in several arenas, this city has to offer. We’ll have represenatives from the Far Away and N0 Rules cliques in the next few weeks to accompany our own selections are working on locking down a studio space to record interviews! Stay locked.