Radar Radio w/ Yoshitaka Hikawa – 25th April 2016


We only came across Yoshitaka Hikawa‘s music this year, but in the matter of a few months he has become an Astral Plane favorite, showing off his clattering aesthetic across a series of edits, collaborations and mixes and establishing himself as one of the foremost voices in the edit/collage sector. Noisy, manic and often full of odd vocal bits, tranquil piano and enough paranoiac ambience to unsettle just about anyone, the Japanese artist’s work is truly special and it was a pleasure to have him come on our Radar Radio show earlier this week. Hikawa came through a special of only music from London’s Beatgatherers outfit, which makes sense because he’s released some of his best work on the label. Tracks from Hikawa himself, Pope, Graves and Barla highlight the mix which starts at about an hour and thirty three minutes in. The Astral Plane DJ Team starts of the first two thirds of the mix with a heap of Astral Plane Recordings material and new dubs and releases from Sully, Bruce, Leonce, Liquid City Motors, Mr. Mitch, Mechatok, B. YHZZ, Silk Road Assassins, x/o, Celestial Trax, Dis Fig, GAIKA, Famous Eno, Tsvi & Lorenzo_BITW, DJ Tray and DJ Haram. It’s all over the place as we like it so trap in and enjoy. Track list after the jump.

Astral Plane DJ Team (0:00 – 1:33)
SHALT – Quick Decline
SHALT – Unconfined (Moro Remix)
Sim Hutchins – Eutow (Sim Hutchins Edit)
Sully – Vamp
Bruce – Petal Pluck
DJ Vague – Freakout (Leonce Remix)
Distal – Sentry Defense System
Liquid City Motors – Broken Tool
Py – Fresh Sheets (Mr. Mitch Remix)
Niclas x Chief Keef – Few Left GBE (Mechatok Blend)
E.M.M.A. – Glace
Mhysa – Just A Girl (B.YHZZ Remix)
Imaginary Forces – Armshouse
Lifted – Silver
TCF – a07ab60c0527b4598e85c87801020d91bffc2a682be439a6e5cc45a3ddb95a57
JS Aurelius – Frequency Unlock Monitoring
Silk Road Assassins – Citadel VI
Yves Tumor – Limerance
x/o – How far can one reach
Why Be – Less Perfect Condition (YB Forcing A Baby Out Ecco2K & Lexxi)
Celestial Trax – Secrets
Tygapaw – Wounded
SHALT x Supremes – Unconfined (Dis Fig Bootie)
Toxe – Xic
Chants – Crushed Lollipop
Gaika – Buta (feat. Serocee & Miss Red)
Sia – Little Man (Famous Eno re-rub)
Tsvi & Lorenzo_BITW – Storm (feat. Nico Lindsay)
DJ Fade – Put Ya Hands Up Remix (feat. Youngn)
DJ Jayhood – I’m Ready (Kayy Drizz Remix)
DJ Sliink – Meet Me On The Floor (feat. Ms Porsh)
DJ Jayhood – Get The Patty Cake Goin
DJ R.L. – Bounce Like That (Rock Tha Boat!)
Desiigner – Panda (DJ Tray Remix)
DJ Haram – So Fucking Funny (feat. Moor Mother Goddess)

Yoshitaka Hikawa (1:33 – 2:02)
Pope – White Smoke
Mang – A X
Barla – Distress
Mang – A Sons Visioin
Mang x Yoshitaka Hikawa – EMVL
P £1.49 – no one
???? – ??????? ?????
P £1.49 – joggin
P £1.49 – swirl p edit
Mang x 1127 – Horizon
Oddlaw – Profilter
City – ENDZONE ( Yoshitaka Hikawa Remix )
Pope – Land of the free
graves – Lst Time
Barla x Pope – 25i ( Drumless )

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