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One of the great things about Boiler Room is that, in the weeks after every event, we get to relive each and every great moment in breathtaking (ok, maybe not so much) webcam footage. Hallows Eve has come and past, but we can still relive the frightful Body High takeover from a few weeks ago. Today brings a short, but very rare half hour mix from Nashville’s own Myrryrs replete with enough low-rider music to carry you into the weekend. Oh and fuck the crowd. I know I’ve harped on it before, but can’t these crowds show a little enthusiasm. It’s especially bad at the LA shows *wink*wink*. Stream above and catch the podcast at your friendly (or not) neighborhood digital music retailer.

A few weeks ago, I predicted that D33J would become the next star to emerge from the Wedidit Collective. A string of impressive remixes incited me to make that comment and his latest appearance at Boiler Room Los Angeles proves that the man born Djavan Santos has the chops to do very big things. Toting an MPD32 and a guitar, D33J’s live set is a thing of beauty, combining constant melody with strong drum programming. If you’re in a rush, skip to 12 minutes in for a brilliant reverb filled romp around and just try not to beam bright. I don’t recommend missing a single second though as there are a few exclusives from the recent Anticon signee. Stream the mix below and look out for a podcast download in the coming days.

At midnight on Halloween, DJ Funeral will release his debut EP on Body High, an odd combination of horror flick samples and club music. But not just any club music, Body High club music. The Los Angeles-based label has taken North American club music by the horns over the past 12 months and not let go. Not much is known about DJ Funeral, but he materialized out of thin air (or so I’ve heard) to perform at the Body High/Boiler Room event last Tuesday to play some spooky sounds.. Out of a stacked lineup including Samo Soundboy, Delivery and Myrryrs, Funeral’s set was impressively dynamic and featured the most unheard tracks, presumably from the new EP. Pop this on (or this Hits from the Grave mix) at your sexy halloween party if you have the guts. Stream above and have your trigger fingers ready come midnight on Hallows Eve.

The Boiler Room’s American editions have been on fire lately, LA bringing in Friends of Friends and New York hosting a coterie of young production talent and left-field MC’s. At the end of July, hip hoppers Haleek Maul, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Flatbush Zombies took the stage at Boiler Room NY and tore it done. The one seeming outlier on the line-up that night was Body High representative Jim-E Stack, but by the end of his, his place on the bill was more than justified. For some reason, the Body High sound works perfectly when surrounded by pure-bred hip hop. Stack, DJ Sliink and Myrryrs clearly play a ton of hip hop in their sets, but it still surprised me when this set fit perfectly in between the stark sounds of Haleek Maul and Flatbush Zombies. Stream the mix below and download it here.

I’ve had a lot of fun posting videos of Groundislava and RL Grime from the FoF takeover at Boiler Room LA over the past few days, but this Young Adults mix might just be the best of the bunch (and we still have Shlohmo and Salva to go). Young Adults is the perfect antithesis to the fist pumping shit show that most people in the US call house music these music. His mixing and song selection is sunny and subtle. There’s almost always a 4×4 kick going, but the music doesn’t drive as much as from meanders from place to place, exhorting your hips to move before you even realize it. Stream the set below and look out for the podcast in the coming days.

Back in the day, Bok and L-Vis 1990 played back 2 back sets on a regular basis at the Night Slugs club  night. The regularity of those affairs is the stuff of legend, but every so often now, the two label-heads strut their shit. Most recently, they hit up London’s Boiler Room, the pitch perfect location for 40+ minutes of space age club music. You can now stream their set from back in June courtesy of Boiler Room. They know us all too well. Stream below.

I always enjoy when two really fantastic but previously unrelated things get combined into an even-more-spectacular entity. This morning, we bring you James Murphy x Boiler Room. The former LCD Soundsystem frontman recently threw down a 50-minute set at the London club, where he proved that he is not only a brilliant musician but also a pretty superb DJ. This is particularly exciting news for those of us getting continually more amped for Sasquatch!, as Murphy will be performing a DJ set at the festival. Additionally, those of us who missed the showing of the LCD/Murphy documentaryShut Up And Play The Hits, at SXSW a few weeks ago will be glad to have something James-Murphy-related to tide us over until the film hits theaters this summer. Head to the Boiler Room website to stream audio and video of Murphy’s entire set.