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Combining one of the most creative presentations in the game with an instantly memorable flow, Cakes Da Killa‘s Hunger Pangs remained in constant circulation in our “office” since its release in Summer 2014. In order to further the energy surrounding the original release, Cakes got together a collection of producers to remix, rework and refresh the original tape, bringing in Rizzla, Rye Rye, Uniiqu3, Drippin and more. The Deluxe Edition has a definite ballroom flavor to it, but can’t be reduced to a product for or of the New York scene, instead functioning as Cakes’ idiosyncratic take on the sound and its various mutations. The Hunger Pangs Deluxe Edition is out now and can be found at Cakes’ web store, but we’ve been presented with a chance to hand out Drippin’s contribution, a “Sake” version of “It’s Not Ovah”. Last scene on these pages turning in our most popular Astral Plane mix to date, the Norwegian producer had a banner 2014, releasing his debut Silver Cloak EP on Lit City Trax and rocketing into the general club music consciousness. His contribution to the Deluxe Edition is in line with his previous work, all smacking snares and vertical propulsion, while Cakes adds vital energy to  the metallic construction.


1.) Felicita, Frenemies EP

Felicita’s 19 minute EP was released on pretty yellow vinyl but I don’t care about that! I want the glow in the dark drawstring bag. There were only 25 copies made. That’s so rare. It’s the perfect place to store Lush™ Bath Bombs, Sour Skittles, and mystic aphrodisiacs. Plus it comes with a Frenemies digital download (duh). I don’t know if there are any left but if any loved ones of mine are reading this there are still two days of Hanukkah!

2.) Cakes Da Killa, Hunger Pangs

Cakes played a show at my college earlier this year and I drove to pick him up from the airport. We got Chipotle together while waiting for MikeQ’s greyhound to get in. He was very nice and I had a great time. Later that night he tore the place down with whiplash bars that were sharp enough to make anyone bleed between the legs. Cop the deluxe edition of Hunger Pangs on these 4GB sticks (1000 songs).  Keep it coochie.


3.) Slugabed, Coolest EP

Has anyone bought one of these? Does Slugabed own one? Coolest EP is free. £50 is a lot of money! Maybe one day we will be able to get high-quality beach towels with our EPs for the low. This item is for the true collector/beach bum.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.15.29 PM

4.) Deru, 1979

Every other item here is (arguably) supplementary to the listening experience, but Deru’s 1979 is made to be experienced in its Obverse Box form. Diverging from the enclosed space of the time capsule, the Obverse Box is a projector made with the intention of experimentation and transformation. Each song from the 1979 album has received a unique visual treatment that mimics memory and follows Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden’s Nine Pure Tones.

Honorable Mentions:

Wu-Tang Clan, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

The elephant in the room…

Astral Plane Recordings, Heterotopia

Beautiful collage artwork from Jesse Treece wraps around our most formal effort yet. Re-imaginings of the cover will accompany re-workings of the songs come 2015!