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As one of the first Jersey-bred artists to garner national (now international) acclaim, it would be easy to assume that DJ Sliink has reached a palatable mid-career arc, but the Newark-based producer is still only 23 and still has plenty left in the tank. This Friday (2/20), Sliink will be taking over Club IHC at The Lash Pop-Up, bringing his populist style of club music to Los Angeles. And while Sliink’s big room inclinations might not be our flavor, his success has brought Jersey club to listeners the world over and he can still bang out lascivious remixes with ease. Joining him on the bill is Joaquin Bartra, one of the best hip hop DJs ANYWHERE and one of the folks behind Body High, outlet for Sliink’s debut Vibrate EP back in 2012. As always, we have a little giveaway for Friday’s happenings, but this time around we have two pairs of tickets to give away. That’s right, four tickets in total. Enter your favorite Brick Bandits classic and Tweet/share this contest for a chance at the tickets. The odds are twice as good this time around and you won’t want to miss this performance from a Newark don.

dj sliink

You’ve probably heard Cashmere Cat’s remix of Miguel’s “Do You”. You’ve probably heard people talking about this whole Jersey club thing, whether they’re dissecting stuttered kick drums or making an uncomfortable passing reference in a trap think piece. You’ve probably listened to songs by DJ Sliink, Trippy Turtle, DJ Kiff, Uniique and the rest of the gang. Now it’s time to listen to DJ Sliink’s edit of the former. It’s predictably excellent. We will be playing it constantly on full volume in the proverbial office for quite some time. Enjoy.


It was only a matter of time before DJ Sliink started entering his productions into the hip hop pool and further enhancing the connection between the club of today and the club of five years ago. Here, Atlanta duo FKi (who produced Jeremih’s “Fuck U All The Time”) wax poetic on dippin’, Gucci Mane memes and phallic projection. File under “tasteful trapEDMstylederp” if you will, but this is more in line with the ratchet tunes of Iamsu!, or the psychonautics of Danny Brown. Because, bitch we all might be.

dj sliink

Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind, abandon all pretensions and just enjoy some ignorant dance music. We here at The Astral Plane hold by the belief that dancing is a universal activity    regardless of age, nationality or musical preference. And that’s why we’re bumping DJ Sliink’s remix of Bert On Beats’ “Dab” in our “office” this morning. It’s not Sliink’s most convincing effort to date, but fuck is it fun to have a little release after listening to highly conceptual music from the likes of James Blake and Nico Jaar all morning. It’s free and available so we expect you to join in wherever you are.

We only jumpstarted our Sounds From The Astral Plane series a few weeks ago, but this edition will (unfortunately) most likely be the last of 2012. We do have a few nice features coming your way in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled. This week, we have two (!) Missy Elliot reworks, a quartet of amorphous mixes and more on-point Kid Smpl night bus vibes. Much love as always.

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Over the past week or so, everyone and their mother have begun posting year end lists in one form or another. While perusing these song/album/mixtape/EP/single/live show/remixes/album art/video/DMX moment lists, you’ll probably come to the realization that you disagree with 90% of them and feel the urge to leave a vindictive comment on one article or another noting the surfeit of fecal matter spewing out of writer A or blogger B’s mouth cavity. First of all, resist the urge. Year end lists are silly and pointless, but they are someone else’s opinion. Anyways, we will not be writing any year end lists,  because of the aforementioned clusterfuck that has already ensued. We will post a (brief) roundup of general shit we’ve enjoyed this year and maybe link to some other lists that are prescient or that mirror what we enjoy to a certain extent, but probably not. We have a bunch of amazing sounds for you this week, including Benjha’s brilliant “Flight Simulator, so maybe you should just hit the jump and enjoy some positive music. Maybe fanute around your room to it. You know we will. Just don’t think about lists.

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Over the span of the last 12 months, Jersey Club has risen from relatively insulated regional sound to one of the key signifiers of the direction American dance music is heading. As one of Jersey’s most highly touted producers, DJ Sliink has been at the forefront of this rise to prominence, pushing his  divergent sound, in both his remix work and his EP for Body High, on an increasingly “mainstream” audience. Pop remixes have always been integral to the Jersey Club sound so it’s no surprise that Sliinky has taken on everyone from Usher to The Weeknd, but it’s our opinion that his best work comes from remixing lesser known artists. Case in point, his recent take on Parisian producer Lazy Flow’s “Ogazma”, a distinctly Jersey song with a universal sound. The percussion loops and vocal chops are as Jersey as it gets, but the breaks and song structure are more implacable. The result is a Sliink remix that succeeds at Jersey Club to a larger audience, as well as transcending the sound itself. The remix is off of Lazy Flow’s Jet-Lag EP, dropping December 11 via Moveltraxx, but you can download it here courtesy of XLR8R.

Kuhrye-oo is a Montreal-based weirdo pop artist who runs in the same circles as Grimes and Purity Ring. He’s also the latest artist to receive the remix treatment from the one and only DJ Sliink. The track marks a distinct turn for Sliink as he steps away from club-oriented hip hop and R&B. His approach to “Give In (For The Fame)” is far more nuanced than usual, giving the audience time to actually stop and catch their breath. Always impressive to see an artist experiment and succeed like this. Stream and download below.

DJ Sliink usually tags his songs as either “Trap”, “Jersey Club” or “Sliink” on his Soundcloud. The first two are pretty self-explanitory, but the Jersey native’s best work comes under the “Sliink” label, a mixture of the previous two that infuses verbose trap stylings (minus the moombahton synth stabs) with subtle club rhythms. Sliink is a master vocal manipulator and on his take on 2 Chainz’ “Birthday Song”, he uses that girl’s (you know what I’m talking about) vocals as an individual instrument to maximum effect. It’s Saturday night where I am, so I have no conscious posting about a song that centers on a “big booty” sample. Stream and download below.

Hate ’em or love ’em, MMG turn out some damn good hooks for club tunes. Wale’s “Bait” is the latest to be snagged, sampled by DJ Sliink and Brenmar for a track of the same name. This is booty music in every sense. Sliink and Brenmar predictably smash Jersey Club and Juke together with unpredictable results. Set to be released on LA’s Body High, future collaborations between the three parties are a must. Head over to Noisey to stream and download.