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If you’ve been sleeping all morning (like I was), you might have missed the above video of Flying Lotus performing a few new tracks off of Until The Quiet Comes, dropping “like October or some shit”. The video is taken from Sónar São Paulo and is not just any normal festival rip. Trust me, I’ve spent hours on hours attempting to track down reasonable quality footage from his Coachella Weekend One performance (which left me speechless) to no avail. This is another story. Just under half and hour of 720P, multiple camera angle footage and clear as hell audio. Not worth a rip, as FlyLo says himself, but there’s no chance I’ll be closing this tab anytime soon. If you’ve seen FlyLo live, this will bring back some flashbacks, although it’s a drastically different set than he’s been performing recently. That DJ Quik and Kurupt. That MCA. That Aphex Twin. That Radiohead. Not to mention the mind-bending new originals. Lawdy Lawdy. If you haven’t seen him in person…. well sheeeeiiit (©Clay Davis). Gotta get on your greezy. He’s got a couple of dates in the US and a bunch in Europe. Find them all here. In the meantime, bask in the glory that is this video.

Whatsgood blogworld, I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend and enjoying the spring weather. For me, and probably alot of others reading this, it’s crunch time for finals. This means that I need to find the perfect mix to jam too while getting ready for finals. This mix changes throughout the course of the year and today I revisited one of my favorite mix’s of all time, Brainfeeder’s take over of BBC Radio 1 last year. The live set includes performances from Matthew David, Teebs, Flying Lotus, Austin Peralta (pictured above), TOKiMONSTA, Samiyam, and even Thundercat. I hope just seeing that list gets you thoroughly stoked. To add even more incentive, Austin Peralta (keys), Gene Coye (drums), and Thundercat (bass) do an amazing improve jazz set. These guys then collaborate with Flying Lotus to top off the end of the mix with style. Needless to say, this mix needed to be in our archives and accessible for our readers. You can stream the mix in it’s entirety below.

I’ve been on quite the David Lynch kick recently (Twin Peaks at the moment), so when I saw this tweet, I was (understandably) a little bit incensed with joy.

By Saturday, the track was up on Soundcloud. With only the above tweet and this caption from Sufi “FLYLO SENT ME THIS DAVID LYNCH TRACK SO I WENT IN” the story behind the track is still unknown, although the idea of FlyLo, Sufi and Lynch in the studio together is downright delectable. “Houndogs” is a bluesy cut full of distortion and Gonjasufi’s dark wails in the same vein as much of Lynch’s solo work. Whether this is a collaboration between two, or all three of the artists, this is as unique of a track as you’ll hear in quite some time. I absolutely cannot wait to hear the story behind this one. Along with the picture at the top (amazing in its own right), the talent in this post could easily bring the music world to its knees.

And by others I mean artists including; Flying Lotus, Bilal, Rebekah Raff, Aloe Blacc, Thundercat and my favorite drummer, Chris Dave. This album was recorded live in Los Angeles on July 23rd and released in August. I’m very jealous of anyone who attended this concert because it was a free with all of these amazing artists collaborating for an entire night. The album only consists of 3 songs from the night, but more tracks (“Tea Leaf Dancers” being one of them) can be found on YouTube. The album can be streamed here off of the bandcamp page. Drips/take notice is basically a 14 minute jam sesh where we see solos from Ferguson, Thundercat and some more great drum work from Chris Dave.