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I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning and this isn’t even the full release. First impression; holy fuck the world is not ready. For the uninformed, TNGHT is the pairing of Glaswegian Hudson Mohawke and Montréalais Lunice, both distinguished members of the LuckyMe Collective. These two have been making some of the foremost experimental hip hop/bass music/whatever you want to call it for years and this collaboration will probably end up tearing some sort of hole in the time space continuum, or at least my sanity. The EP is set for a July 23/24 release on Warp Records. A vinyl tracklist is attached to the video, which surprisingly doesn’t include the uncompromising “R U Ready”. Nonetheless, it’s not like either artist to sit on genius material, so I would expect the track to be on the digital version, or a second (!) TNGHT release. Get all the goodness below.

Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. Top Floor
A2. Goooo
A3. Higher Ground
B1. Bugg’n
B2. Easy Easy

Mr. West recently set the interweb ablaze by releasing a video for his Kanye & Friends banger (well, banger except for ‘Ye’s verse, even that’s aight-ish) “Mercy”.

Ostensibly, this deserves coverage on The Astral Plane because “Hudson Mowhawke played some instruments” in the production process of “Mercy”.  But I like it for more than the involvement of my second favorite preteen lookin’ ass producer from Glasgow.  DJ Nobody, or another slightly less flossy resident, has played this every week at Low End Theory since it’s release and fuck, people still get TURN’T to this song.  I think this song is pushing things forward.  It clearly falls into the trap aesthetic, it’s dark and looming, hangs out in a menacing minor key, and bangs along at a nice leisurely tempo.  BUT THERE AREN’T ANY MACHINE GUN HIHATS.  Can you even do that? Is that allowed? Of course. Things like Kanye’s dancehall sample, Big Sean talking about his favorite body part, and 2chainz being a boss carry the song rather than the elements of trap production that have been driving people bananas lately. I like that. I don’t want dark slow rap beats to turn into the “pissing contest” that dubstep has today. Obviously, who can make the craziest, waviest beat will be a lot better pissing contest than dubstep’s quest for filth and middle school fans, but I would hate to see American bass music get stuck in another rut. Luckily, the GOOD crew has placed a commercially successful beacon out there for producers to look at and say, hmmmmm, maybe more with less is the way to fuck the club up.

Continuing the trend of talented MC’s working with even more talented producers, we bring you the latest effort from Harlem spitter Azealia Banks. Banks has been spending a little (a lot) too much time fighting with Lil’ Kim’s fans on Twitter over the past few weeks, but we’ll excuse that if she can continue turning out bangers like this. She’s shown a penchant for working with talented producers (she likes them LuckyMe cats) and “Jumanji” plays along with the script she’s written over the past year. She’s brash, vile and obnoxious. She’s still fascinated by the female anatomy. She can still ride a wonky beat better than any other MC on the planet right now. As for the beat, it initially comes off as some silly circus shit, but on further listen, I see it as more an extension of HudMo’s recent remix of Battles and the wonky new TNGHT track. After making a tuba sound harder than Lex Luger’s drum rolls ever could, the traditional boundaries of hip hop beat making disappeared for the Glaswegian. I’m not too familiar with the Brighton-based Hook, but after some quick research (a Youtube search), it appears that the man makes some decent 128 BPM tunes. Azealia has already worked with Lunice, Machinedrum, and now HudMo, so who’s next in the LuckyMe camp to hit the studio with that Uptown Bitch. Rustie? Please be Rustie. Azealia on some “City Star” shit would far too grimy. Stream “Jumanji” below and hopefully Azealia really is buckling down in the studio and we’ll get 1991 or a full length by Fall.

Missed this one when I was out Coachella’n over the weekend. The fine folks over at FACT Mag got Battles for the 325th edition of their mix series and it is quite a doozie. The New York threesome has gotten ever so weird since the departure of Tyrondai Braxton back in 2010 and it has suited them well, taking the band to a new level. Their most recent output, the Dross Glop remix tape featured Hudson Mohawke, The Alchemist, Kode 9 and more, and this mix borrows heavily from these artists as well. Not only does the mix feature HudMo, but three, yes you heard that right, three unreleased gems from the Glaswegian maximalist. The mix was admirably taken on by drummer John Stanier and features a more dance/pop vibe than most Battles fans are probably used to. Don’t be afraid venerable avant-garde enthusiasts, there is plenty of off-the-cuff esoteric shit in here to satiate your needs. Stream and download the mix below courtesy of FACT.

Last night, a short, pale man wandered into a radio station in London and proceeded to lay down one of the best mixes of the year. His name happens to be Rustie and the radio station happens to be BBC Radio One. The radio show, Pete Tong’s Essential Mix, happens to be one of the most influential mix series’ in the world. The track selection? Nothing too special. A little unreleased Obey City. A little unreleased Jackson and his Computer Band. A little unreleased Hudson Mohawke. A lot of unreleased Rustie, including a VIP of “City Star” and the demo version of “All Nite.” Maybe that TNGHT joint that Rustie previewed at the Boiler Room a couple months back. Like I said, nothing too special. Download the mix here and keep holding your breath until that TNGHT shit drops. Full track list after the jump.

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Towards the end of 2011, a video surfaced of Lunice dropping a brand new collaboration between himself and fellow LuckyMe-er Hudson Mohawke. Then, Rustie dropped the track again in a Boiler Room set. In the months since, the internet has been ablaze with rumors surrounding the collaboration and it has become common knowledge that the duo will go under the moniker, TNGHT. When HudMo and Lunice appeared on the same stage, as TNGHT, at SXSW this past week, word spread that an EP on LuckyMe/Warp was imminent by the end of the calendar year. This morning, we have been graced with the first non rip/live TNGHT song. And. This. Shit. Is. Mad. It is no surprise that these two would go the distance with regards to eardrum shattering bass, but “Bugg’N” is out of control. I don’t even know how to describe this. Once a (at least semi) talented MC learns to rap over these types of beats, it’s over. Hip hop’s going to the stratosphere. At this point, all we can do is wait for the next TNGHT track. Hopefully(!) the one from Rustie’s Boiler Room set. For now, pump up the volume and let it all soak in.

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I’ve been avoiding Valentines Day themed music all day, but this is too good to pass up. Everyone’s favorite maximalist, Hudson Mohawke, tones it down for one day to bring you Slow Jams Chapter V. For five years now, The Glaswegian native has brought the masses the best in slow jams and general love-making music. I haven’t had the chance to give the mix a spin, so I’ll let LuckyMe take it away:

5 years deep, the kid Hudson Mohawke returns with the definitive soundtrack to Valentines. Look, cancel that reservation. Put the money into good pizza and champagne. You’re getting this shit for free so buy your spiritual counterpoint something: the Heathers DVD. A single rose. Some salted caramels. Whatever. You got all the other magic you need right here. And if you’re alone tonight that’s okay; being into shit like this you’re gonna be fine. Trust us. Buy yourself those caramels. Get naked enough. Let a lil Mo get inside you… Happy Valentines everybody.

Download: Hudson Mohawke – Slow Jams Chapter V