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10919053_988858281128970_3808385060547058630_nThis Thursday (1/22), the Phuture Perfect crew is bringing out Bristol’s finest, the Livity Sound repping, Jeremih bootlegging Kowton. Set to take over at The Lash’s Downtown location, Kowton will be joined by Private Selection’s Dreams and Arkitect, who are about as lethal as a team Los Angeles has to offer these days, and will be joined by Phuture Perfect’s residents Aura T-09, Zoraya and Charlie Sputnik. Known for his percussive hybrid take on techno, dubstep and grime, Kowton’s constructions are intimately connected to the UK club culture, pushing the sonic spectrum in increasingly more vivid, angular directions on his solo productions, as well as collaborations with Peverelist and Julio Bashmore. Answer below with your favorite Bristol classic for a chance at a pair of tickets and we’ll see you at The Lash this Thursday!


Besides London, Bristol might be the most musically innovative city in Britain. Known for expansive grayscales and unrepentant low end, the Bristol sound isn’t singular by any means, but it’s far more close-knit and interconnected than anything London (or even Glasgow or Manchester) has to offer. Recently, Julio Bashmore and Kowton (who come from opposite sides of the Bristol spectrum) got together in the studio and came up with the razor sharp “Mirror Song”, a track that splits the difference between Kowton’s refreshingly grating riddims and Bashmore’s increasingly pop-oriented house anthems. Debuted by (everyone’s favorite) Jackmaster on his BBC 1 show, “Mirror Song” will see a release on Bashmore’s Broadwalk Records in the near future.

bok bok fade to mind

In anticipation of a slew of exciting upcoming shows, Night Slugs co-boss Bok Bok has, well, gone the fuck in on the third edition of the Fade To Mind mix series. It’s an all exclusives everything affair here and if brand new Jam City, L-Vis 1990 and MikeQ is your kind of bidness, jump on this mix immediately. Almost more exciting than Bok Bok’s transcendent mixing and the heap of exclusives is a  more coherent taste of Kowton’s remix of Jeremih’s still simmering “Fuck U All The Time”. The remix entered our collective consciousness through a few shoddy live videos, but Bok Bok has offered it up in all of its rude boy glory. Because really, Kowton has no business remixing this track. But he does. And it’s so beyond everything else coming out right now that it might just be the most anticipated track of the yung year. Stream and download below.


Are you down with “TFB”? Well you should be. The prevailing trend in techno over the past few months has been to go as big, chunky and dark as possible, but few can pull off the analogue sound quite like Kowton…. Well expect for Karenn, the collaboration between Blawan and Pariah. All three of them on the same cut is kind of like Hannukah come early (l’chaim). For now, we’re stuck with short previews of the original and remix, but there’s something to be said for allowing anticipation to bubble up. These cuts are not for the weak of heart so stay away if you don’t think you can stomach them. Stream Kowton’s “TFB” and Karenn’s remix below.