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Thanks to the fine people at IHC Presents, we have TWO very, very solid ticket giveaways for all of you lovely folks this week. On Thursday, Jersey club baron Nadus is headlining a busy bill at Los Globos that also features bombastic New York MC Leikeli47, whose LK-47 Pt. II is a shoo in as one of the best mixtapes of the year, MOD’s own Arnold and several other selectors. With May’s Broke City EP, released through Belgian imprint Pelican Fly, still percolating through the club world and reaching audiences large and small, Nadus is one of the premiere advocates (and vocal he is) of Newark’s siganture sound, bringing club music’s ever popular hit cut ups and rhythmic syncopation to dancefloors across the globe. And while Broke City invokes several other genres beyond the stoic, monumental sounds of Jersey club, it’s undeniable that the Thread representative is a true figurehead in the local Newark scene.

With that in mind, we have a pair of tickets for Thursday’s event, tickets that you could win with the simple action of selecting your favorite Jersey club classic in the form below. Ever since DJ Tameil, DJ TIm Dolla and their cohort brought the breakbeat-laden sounds of Bmore up to Jersey and transformed it into something more palatable for Newark’s dancefloors, Jersey club has racked up innumerable hits and while some have faded into the depths of the web, the large majority exist on Youtube, Soundcloud and other accessible platforms. Not to call out any names, but you will be eliminated from contention if you select a song by any of the unfortunate many zoologically self-identifying producers. On Saturday (12/13/14), Jacques Greene, Groundislava, Low Limit and Patrick Brian will also take the stage at Los Globos and we will also be giving out a pair of tickets. Submission form to come later this week!


Leikeli47 is an eternally ski mask clad female rapper from New York who just turned in one of the most inspiring rap tapes we’ve heard in a minute. Lk-47 Pt. II is (clearly) the second tape in a series and while we hadn’t heard the first incantation until today, the mixture of Miami-derived bass, Bomb Squad-esque production and ol’ fashioned New York swagger is irresistible. The rapping is brash and direct as Leikeli47 compares herself to corporate mavens Oprah and Diddy, as well as both Janet and Michael Jackson, and Van Ghogh (among others). Not only can she rap with ferocity, she can really belt it out, crafting some instantly memorable choruses on tracks like “Miss America” and “The Root”. Lk-47 Pt. II sounds effortlessly complete and creatively endowed, a rare fete for a relatively new artist. Expect to hear a lot of “C&C”, “Miss America” and “Heard Em Say” in the coming months. Stream the tape below and download here.