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If you’ve tuned into Plastician‘s weekly Rinse FM show this past year, you’ll have caught the London pioneer building wildly variegated sets out of tracks from relatively unknown producers, refusing to stick to any one genre or sound and generally supporting a huge number of artists who otherwise might not get play on a platform like Rinse. Despite being over a decade into a trailblazing career that has involved key contributions to the rise and continued life of dubstep and grime, Plastician still finds the time to dig for new sounds, put on artists via his Terrorhythm label and aforementioned Rinse slot (Utah, J(ay).A.D, Wallwork, Tsvi, etc.), all while providing a genuinely positive voice in a culture filled with ungrateful self-promotion and a general lack of historical awareness.

“Lightning Bolt”, teased out earlier this year, is Plastician’s final output of 2015, a Dizzee Rascal freestyle sampling effort that looks to the UK’s road rap tradition as much as it does East Coast club forms. Built on a fire-y line from Dizzee’s “Creeper” version, Plastician’s production is at once militantly sparse and bizarrely hypnotic, a pulse-led monster completely devoid of melody. Considering his work on Rinse, an anthemic Jammz collaboration and an ever-expanding curatorial repertoire, Plastician doesn’t owe us anymore this year, but “Lightning Bolt” is the perfect cap to a banner year. In 2016, Plastician will be touring South America (Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Curitiba and Sao Paulo) and taking over a residency at Hackney club Oslo. Stream “Lightning Bolt” below and download here.


It has been a good while since we’ve brought you a giveaway for IHEARTCOMIX’s Club IHC series, but this Thursday’s throw down is just too good to pass by. Plastician and Swindle, coming in from London, headline the traveling talent while Los Angeles’ own Kastle, Patrick Brian and Swelta round up the drop dead bill. Expect plenty of classic East and South London sounds, as well as a heap of new band-oriented material from Swindle (although he’s only bringing out the DJ set for this date). Plastician has been running game on his Rinse FM slot and pushing eclectic big room sounds via his Terrorhythm outlet, all while working with some of the biggest MCs around and facilitating a reeducation among young fans in the roots of grime and dubstep. Kastle has an excellent new EP coming next month on his own Symbols label and has taken his own productions and his label is increasingly abstract, boundary pushing places as of late. And if you’re not familiar with LA’s own Patrick Brian and Swelta, then you have to hop on the train soon because these too should be heading up bills in the not so distant future. Enter your favorite Swindle classic below for a chance at a pair of tickets to Thursday’s show. Tickets can be found here and more info can be attained here.