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Next Thursday, Los Globos will be hosting This Is Not A Test!, an all female club night featuring Awful representer Tommy Genesis, Jersey club queen UNIIQU3 and KJ$ (aka Kreayshawn)! We’re lucky enough to have a pair of tickets to giveaway to those of you in LA and all you have to do is enter your favorite track from Genesis’ standout World Vision LP from earlier this year. You can find more info about the night here and grab tickets here.


Over the past few weeks, Baltimore legend DJ Technics has uploaded a massive catalogue of club tracks, effectively revitalizing an until-now dormant catalogue of mid-Atlantic heat. From classics like DJ Class’ “Tear Da Club Up” and DJ Samir’s “Samir Theme” to deep cuts from Rod Lee, Karizma and KW Griff, the uploads piece together an invaluable stretch of history that has been largely ignored amid the recent gustatory fervor over bedspring samples and think breaks. While East Coast club music’s rich history has been appropriated in a blunt, ignorant fashion by many younger, by-and-large European producers, Uniique, Nadus and Matic808 and others continue to advance the sound without relinquishing any of its original substance. Uniique’s remix of Tinashe’s simmering “2 On” is the most recent exhibit A, utilizing the typical mementos, not in excess, but as an aggressive form of release from the pounding kicks and reverb heavy vocal work. It’s a pleasure to listen to music that is as functional as it is properly conceived, as sonically adventurous as it is brutally utilitarian. Uniique has us in good hands.


A few months ago, Brenmar gave away the all-original High End Times Vol. 1 mixtape, a collection of collaborations that includes vocal work from Mykki Blanco and Sasha Go Hard as well as co-production from Uniique. Despite consistently excellent production value from Brenmar, the tape has its clear moments and its clear nadirs, in no small part due to unimpressive vocal efforts. Last week, songs from the long-awaited remix package for High End Times began to emerge at various publications, touting reworks by Byrell The Great, DJ Big O, Matic808 and more club specialists. Like most other remix packages he stars on though, Neana takes center stage on The Remixes, taking on the Uniique collaboration “Hey Ladies”, itself the most effusive club track of the tape, and working his magic into the interstices of the anthemic original. Whereas the original holds a good deal of call-and-response value, Neana strips out the majority of the vocals, coalescing the hard-as-nails percussive framework into a singular entity until the wooden beams of the track’s foundation verge on splintering. The rest of the package in more than adequate and offers some wonderful tools, but Neana has once again stolen the show.