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Back in February, we featured an Astral Plane mix from Houston duo Santa Muerte, comprised of Sines and Panchitron, that was absolutely packed full of disarming bootlegs, edits and reworks of hits in both English and Spanish. Snippets of grime and ballroom were splayed across the tape, as was a heavy amount of dembow and the volume immediately become a favorite in the car on hot Los Angeles days. That mix ended in fine form with an exciting blend of Murlo’s “Loyal” edit and “Cositas Raras” by Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Farruko. Now, we’ve got that bootleg, along with six others from the Santa Muerte team, up for premiere and free download. Edits of Visionist, Dat Oven and False Witness sit alongside otherworldly, Mr. Mitch-esque Tinashe reworks and a bizarro “U.O.E.N.O” x “Sientelo” blend. Bootlegs & Edits Vol. 2 (Vol. 1 can be found here) is all over the place stylistically, but that’s the Santa Muerte way, an intelligent smash up of popular Caribbean sounds with on-the-cusp UK and East Coast sounds. It’s swaggering and imprecise, but so are modern metropolis’, where disparate micro-cultures, internalized sonic routines and dance run into each other on a daily basis. Stream and download Bootlegs & Edits Vol. 2 below and be sure to follow Santa Muerte on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.

  1. Dat Oven – Icy Lake (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
  2. Santa Muerte – Dimelo Ft Sir Speedy And Lumidee (Bootleg)
  3. False Witness – Makina (Santa Muerte Edit)
  4. Nicki Minaj – Only (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
  5. Santa Muerte – 24hrs (Bootleg)
  6. Santa Muerte – Cositas Rara x Lo (Edit)
  7. Tinashe – Vunerable (ft. Travis $cott) (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
  8. Visionist – Eye Try (Santa Muerte Retool)

Continuing our year end coverage, we asked Tomas Fraser, head of breathtaking grime outlet Coyote Records, which 2014 songs he wished he could have signed. It’s a bit of a silly hypothetical, but while signing a “Take Time” is almost always a heartbeat decision, the amount of factors that go into a label signing are often overwhelming. Tomas does an excellent job with Coyote and while he couldn’t snag the following, Mumdance x Novelist, Murlo, CYPHR, Visionist or Gantz x El Mahdy Jr. tracks this year, his label has turned out quality releases from Chemist and Spare, as well as their annual compilation, Coyote Kings 2. Check out Tomas’ selection below and hit the jump to stream Rejig’s contribution to the aforementioned compilation. Also, be sure to peep Riley Lake’s Fave Discontinued Hardware from yesterday!

Mumdance ft. Novelist – ‘Take Time’ (Rinse)

Would loved to have released a record on this based primarily on the fact that it single-handedly gave power back to the MCs – it proved that MCs could do the intricate, new world of contemporary instrumental grime production justice and vice versa. Don’t think we’ll fully appreciate it for a few years yet either.

Murlo – Cold Stroke (Oil Gang)

Spent the last 10 months or so fast-forwarding mixes just to reload ‘Cold Stroke’ – it’s just one of those tracks that I’ll always love. Was chuffed to see it get a proper release because I still think it stands as one of his best pieces of production to date.

CYPHR – Sun (Her Records)

Went under the radar a bit this one but it blew me away listening to it for the first time. The way the track builds and all the components intertwine is genuinely beautiful – even my boss bought the EP after I played it in the office. Says it all really.

Visionist – More Pain (Lit City Trax)

Visionist has my favourite production aesthetic in the game and ‘More Pain’ is probably the best example of how he goes about his work. It reminds me of a prayer of sorts in the sense that it’s gothic and moody and haunting and almost spiritual, all at the same time – it’s this sense of emotional urgency that makes him stand out from the rest for me.

Gantz ft. El Mahdy Jr – Rising (Deep Medi)

Not my usual bag but I know Gantz is a great producer and alongside El Mahdy Jr, something clicked for me. There’s a real tangible sense of spirituality about ‘Rising’ – perpetuated by Mahdy Jr’s enchanting vocal – and the way Gantz joins the dots between the classic Medi template & the sounds of his own heritage and culture is first class.

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Alongside Hyetal, Kowton and Deetron, Visionist has taken part in remixing “Shape” from Glasser’s 2013 LP Interiors. While oversized remix packages are rather common in the contemporary pop music landscape, this one comes through on numerous levels with each remixer properly reworking the ghostly singer’s original into something fit for their idea of the club. The London grime non-traditionalist churns “Shape” into a hypnotiq piece of beat work, predictably devoid of percussion. It’s orchestral in its effect, but relies almost entirely on Glasser’s beatific vocals and a simple, harmonizing melody. It’s Visionist at his weirdest, but the thread of the original offers a recognizable pop trope that functions on a similar conceptual level to much of VIsionist’s solo work, especially when the throbbing, uncontrollable sub bass kicks in for the second half of the remix. The Shape Remixes single is out now on True Panther.


For most, piri piri is a chili sauce with origins in Lusophone Africa, elevated into worldwide fame by the mouthwatering Nando’s franchise. For devotees of London’s club scene, Piri Piri has taken on a whole new meaning, primarily the nom de plume of a rising multi-national duo. Hailing respectively from Manchester and Spain, Piri Piri released their debut EP, Manifesto, on Sounds of Sumo back in 2012 and have steadily been gaining experience, production acumen and a fair amount of hype in the interim. Today marks the release of the Patterns EP on Silverback Recordings (Nguzunguzu, Grown Folk, Damu), the duo’s most high profile and most complete release to date. With remixes from Visionist, Neana, Jean Nipon and Matthias Zimmerman, Patterns touches on an innumerable amount of contemporary club criteria, infusing an adventurous experimental spirit into the standard club music platform.

Piri Piri’s ‘Patterns’ EP is out now on Silverback Recordings.

With a remix package this heavy, it’s always a possibility that an act’s original work can get bogged down by surrounding expectations. Not only do Piri Piri escape this fate, their original work is easily the highlight of the tape, allowing the remixers more room to flex their individual interpretations. “Peak” represents this in the fullest, a six minute four on the floor journey that manages, raises and alleviates tension with ease. It’s the sweaty, metallic form of dance music that’s a pre-requisite for warehouse parties replete with dank fog, squadrons of faceless patrons and a bevy of illicit substances. Set off by a rusty kick drum and a muffled male voice, “Peak” is an exercise in heartbeat accelerating music that combines ‘nuum history with a contemporary sound palette. While “Peak” hits all of the high notes as far as rawkus energy is concerned, “Quest” is near-comedown music, a beatific array of melodic synth tones fits for a Flying Lotus song. It’s only “near”-comedown music, because by the two minute mark, it explodes into a rattling, squeaking burner of a track. Meanwhile, “Ice Cream” sounds like the sui generis combination of Wu-Tang Clan and Model 500, an effortlessly aggressive track with a distinctly vintage flavor. It’s a drum machine workout hidden behind a call-and-response facade. It’s also near impossible to listen to without sub-consciously moving.

As noted above, the remix package is a massive entity in its own right and features some of our very favorite producers in its own right. That being said, Patterns is the Piri Piri show. It’s rare that such fully composed club music is produced by a relatively fresh act. It’s even rarer that said club music functions on a level above dance floor functionality. Patterns is the rare release that both mirrors a night out in its flow and performance and offers a transcendentally enjoyable experience beyond the dancefloor.

To celebrate the release of Patterns, Piri Piri graced us with an exclusive stream of the following promo mix. Full of jarring hip hop tunes from likes of Denzel Curry and Lil Ugly Mane, the mix helps explain some of the aesthetic decisions behind Patterns, but most of all, it’s just an outrageously fun listen. Pop it into your cassette player onto the way to the rave or play it for the friends you want to impress at the function. While Piri Piri’s first EP was titled ManifestoPatterns and the following mix might just eclipse it as far as definitive statements go.



The holidays are the one time of year when I appreciate the fact that my Facebook and Twitter feeds are flooded with promotional posts. That’s because the holidays are the time for giving, specifically the time when producers dump all of their bootlegs/edits/unfinished tracks on the unsuspecting masses. The quality is generally a mixed bag, but we’ve received a deluge of heat in the past few days that deserves its fair due. On the raps front, Lil B, King Louie, Fredo SantanaLil Silk and Fabolous have let loose new tapes over the past week or so. All deserve your attention, although save Lil B’s 05 Fuck Em and maybe spend a little more time with Silk and Louie.

The good folks at Mixpak were also kind enough to hand out a bundle of free tracks from their roster and beyond. The Holiday Bundle evokes the grime, dancehall and soca-based riddim culture that Dre Skull has so carefully curated over the past few years. Sudanim, Murlo and Koyote all bring their best to the table.

You’ve likely seen these already as well, but big hitters Flying Lotus, Zed Bias, Ryan Hemsworth Clams Casino all gave bundles of tracks away in the past few days. Casino’s third Instrumental Mixtape is probably the most cohesive attempt of the bunch, but FlyLo’s assorted beats, remixes and bootlegs offer some intriguing insight into the producer and his cohort’s recording processes. The Hemsworth collection is largely edits he’s designed for live play and the “Post-Rock Tears” version of Future’s “Honest” is a real beauty. Two step legend Zed Bias handed over 200 MB of live recording, remixes and production work under both his ZB sobriquet and his Maddslinky nom de plume.

Hit the jump for a jambalaya of free tracks…

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If you thought Visionist was going to end his 2013 back in September with I’m Fine EP (out on Lit City Trax), it wouldn’t have been a naive prediction. The EP seemed to sum up the London-based producer’s year quite aptly, offering a wildly melodic ride that managed to get repeatedly stuck in this writers head without ever coming off as “catchy”. Later this month though, Visionist will release the “M”/”Secrets” single on Ramp Recordings and based off of the a-side, it’s a continuation of the sound he’s been pimping all year. Besides Logos, there isn’t a producer out there who creates the sense of wide-open space quite like Visionist and that’s readily apparent in “M”‘s deep sub bass and bottomless synth work. The single will be released via 12″ on November 25 and you can stream “M” below.


2013 has been quite the year for collaborations and it doesn’t look like the harmonious spirit will quell anytime soon. Last week, we got Future Brown, the supergroup of J-Cush, Nguzunguzu and Fatima Al Qadiri, and now the latter has joined up with space age grime technician Visionist for a new slumper. “The Call” will appear on Visionist’s upcoming I’m Fine EP for Lit City and highlights the two trendy-as-fuck producers via some brilliantly turned down percussion and frighteningly beatific choral work. It’s easy to get lost in the hype surrounding these two grime luminaries, but they come through more often than not and are imprinting their clean, spacious sound on the masses for better or worse.

DIS magazine

DIS Magazine is awesome. We don’t shine light on too many other music outlets 1.) Because we’re selfish and conceited, and 2.) Well, I don’t actually have anything else. Getting past that, London-resident Visionist is the latest disc jockey to contribute to DIS’ impeccable mix series (following the likes of Kingdom, DJ Funeral, The-Drum and other Astral Plane favorites) and has laid down one of the better grime/club-oriented mixes we’ve heard in quite some time. Keeping his feet firmly planted in next week, “Only Eye”  draws from a bevy of spacey yet hard-edged beat work with some highly selective MCing thrown in. Some choice Dot Rotten cuts were the highlight for me, but there really isn’t a weak spot in the mix’s 53 minute runtime. Stream/download below and peek the tracklist after the jump.

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