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This Thursday, the Passion of the Weiss crew are bringing an LA lineup for the ages to The Echoplex. With Daedelus headlining and prodigal Southland rappers Boogie and Zeroh backing up the tweed-clad beatsmith, P.O.W. has brought out a bill that should match the energy of the best Low End Theory nights in the more spacious environ of The Echoplex. If you’re unfamiliar with Passion, Jeff Weiss and his posse of talented writers, polemicists, essayists and grumblers provide some of, if not the best, music criticism around and, more importantly, aren’t beholden to any sort of code, advertising constraints or, ahem, moral ground.

We’ve been gifted a pair of tickets to Thursday’s happening and all you have to do to be considered for said tickets is enter your favorite track Daedelus’ rich catalogue. For a little help re-remembering the depths of the West LA born producer’s discography, see here and choose wisely. Hope to see you all this Thursday.

jeremiah jae

Over the past week-plus, Brainfeeder’s in house mic killer Jeremiah Jae has taken to Soundcloud with a vengeance usually reserved for Flying Lotus collaborations. Jae has released 10 new tracks to be exact in an effort he’s calling Black Jungle Radio. The majority of the tracks feature Jae on MC duties although he stays behind the boards for YBP, Raja Black and F.A.B.L.E. cuts. While fairly hit or miss overall, Black Jungle Radio spans the gamut of Jae’s sounds and influences, ranging from the lo-fi funk of “BlackMyth” to the ridiculously smooth, Exile-esque “Lost and Found”. In fact, Jae takes cues from Blu & Exile (for better or worse) for the majority of the series. I say for better or worse, because   Jae exhibits Blu’s hustler everyman persona on some tracks and is utterly lazy on others. Of course, Jae’s Black Jungle Radio isn’t represented as an album or official release like much of Blu’s low quality work. Jae certainly won’t be played on the radio, but maybe that’s a good thing. Stream “BlackMyth” and “Lost and Found” below and download the latter here.

Update: Download the entire tape via Bandcamp after the jump.

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Jonwayne has had quite a year, upping his beat game, entering the rap world with a tape released through Stones Throw and becoming the GOAT of MS Paint. His latest loosie, “Watching Me”, sees the La Habra resident contributing in all three categories, supplying Zeroh and Quelle with a lazy Sunday afternoon backing, an entertaining stream-of-consciousness verse and another brilliant cover. Quelle does what he does best, which is throwback backpack-y rap, and Zeroh steals the show with his nasal flow. They’re honored that you’re watching them. Stream below.