Kendrick Lamar/Black Hippy and Danny Brown Featured In The FADER.

We don’t usually feature content from other blogs/magazines/etc., but this is too good to pass up on. The latest issue of The Fader magazine features Danny Brown and Kendrick Lamar, as well as two of the better articles/interviews with the aforementioned artists I’ve managed to dig up. While Lamar graces the cover, the article is really about Black Hippy as a whole, juxtaposing its members drastically different personalities, quirks, and skill-sets. The Brown article is a deep contrast to the Black Hippy one, showcasing a manic, grotesque figure, who at one point states “People think my life is just non-stop orgies with crackheads… and it kind of is.” Brown and the Black Hippy cohort are two of the most respected artists/crews in the modern rap game, and these articles showcase how, despite their hugely different attitudes and lifestyles, they both came up from the bottom and share a common hip hop ethos.

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