New Kendrick Lamar Single Featuring Dr. Dre – “The Recipe”

Ever since Dr. Dre co-signed a young Compton rapper named Kendrick Lamar back in 2010, the world has been eagerly awaiting a collaboration between the two. Well it has finally come today in the form of the first single off of Lamar’s upcoming Good Kid In A Bad City. Scoop DeVille handles the production, allowing Dre and Kendrick to flex their respective flows. Kendrick has proven time and time again that he is one of the premier MC’s on the West Coast and he only solidifies his place on “The Recipe.” Dre is… well the guy who recently released “Kush” and “I Need A Doctor.” Beyond the fact that there’s almost no way Dre actually wrote his verse, he just sounds kind of old. Where Kendrick excels through his lyrical dexterity, Dre sounds stale and outdated. Hopefully, Dre will take his rightful place behind the boards and pump out some bangers for Kendrick and stay out of the booth from here on out. Maybe I’m being a little harsh on Dre, but when put against Kendrick, he doesn’t stand a chance. Even The Chronic era Dre would struggle to keep up with modern day Kendrick. At least he didn’t try and go in over “Cartoons and Cereal.” That beat is out of control. Stream the track below and be on the lookout for Good Kid In A Bad City.

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