M|O|D Clique Turns In Most Fully Realized Project To Date

Boston’s M|O|D is an act you kind of have to take with a grain of salt. They’re young, immensely talented and release gargantuan amounts of music. A lot of that music is good, but some of it is really bad. So just know that you have to take the good with the bad with these guys. Anyways, REWROTE, LiL TExAS, Arnold (formerly TrapArnold), C.Z. and Yung Satan (did I get the stylization right?) just released their most fully realized tape to date, PENG, which is supposedly the first of three in a series. At only one track a piece, the tape offers a more controlled vision from each producer, as well as a step back from trap histrionics. The snare rolls and hi hats are still there, but they are just one component of a greater whole. PENG is labeled “Bass” on Soundcloud, an apt descriptor for a tape that jumps between hip hop, juke and Jersey club with ease. Yung Satan’s “Sugar” is the tape’s standout, combining 8-bit sounds with sexy vocals, resulting in one of the better club songs of the year. Stream and download PENG below.

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