New Slackk – “Ancient Dolphin”


Since Slackk first burst into the general consciousness as a producer circa 2010, he has proven to be a figurehead of sorts in the instrumental grime movement and one of its foremost proponents as a co-founder of the Boxed club night. His solo productions have ranged from four-on-the-floor UK funky utilizing a classic eski sound palette to the black key heavy Minor Triads and Failed Gods EPs. On September 1, Slackk will release his debut LP on Local Action, titled Palm Tree Fire. “Ancient Dolphin” is the first offering from the tape and sees a refined version of his earlier funky/grime explorations. It’s ragged, richly melodic and a little campy. One of the most interesting facets of the Boxed crew’s output in the past year or so is the precise nature in which the dancefloor is understood and at times removed from the equation. “Ancient Dolphin” epitomizes that understanding, matching distinctly minor scale melodic work with chugging, syncopated drum work. It represents a lot of time spent playing out and subsequently taking that experience into the studio. It might not end up being the defining document of grime’s resurgence, but Palm Tree Fire has the opportunity to coherently draw the line between club, radio and home listening.

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