Iglew Mix For The Astral Plane


Without an official release, guest mix, or even online interview to his name, it’s not an easy task to gauge the output of British producer Iglew. There’s the “Iglew 01” mix uploaded last year featuring a combination of unreleased tracks and oddities from Mr. Mitch, Jam City, E+E and more. There’s a rip of one of his originals from one of Murlo’s Rinse FM appearances, a thrilling, albeit brief, two minutes of bright square wave fuzz and extravagant melodies that bring to mind Loom and Mssingno. And those two producers are probably the best place to start when considering Iglew, not just due to sonic crossover, but due to the fact that they are two acts who virtually sprung out of nowhere and are now lauded as some of the most creative producers in the UK.

What Iglew lacks in a track record, he makes up in demos and support; support from the likes of Mr. Mitch and Last Japan and a collection of wildly inventive demos that will hopefully reach the light of day soon in a release on the former’s Gobstopper Records. “Cascade”, the Murlo rip, is only recorded and clipped taste, but there are Iglew joints circulating in nearly every Boxed mix and his time-warped take on the devil mix palette has begun to garner support in ever-larger circles. For now, we’re happy to feature Iglew in our Astral Plane mix series and the 43 minutes of exclusives, rarities and general heat he turned in consistently flips the grime mold on its head. Filled with exclusives from himself and a host of talented young producers, the mix attains an aesthetic coherence even as it runs through 24 tracks in under forty five minutes. Iglew is clearly a melody technician in his own right and prides the work of likeminded producers, resulting in a head twisting effect as square waves and complicated chord patterns seem to constantly melt into harmonic bliss. You’ll also find a bit from Iglew himself that will appear on a forthcoming Astral Plane release!

Munk – M1

Last Japan – Golden Eye VIP

Mr Mitch – It Takes Hold of You

Sharp Veins – Bald Eagle Swimming

Boycott – Kowloon Bae

Iglew – Sounion

Strict Face – Into Stone

Dro Carey – Cutlass Sniffer

Iglew – Cymatism

Sharp Veins – Slimes, Trolls n All

JT The Goon – Twin Warriors (Murlo Remix)

CYPHR – Sirena

Chemist – Shiva’s Legion

Prettybwoy – Breaking Down

Iglew – Urban Myth

Tunnidge – Tribe

Dark0 – Scyther (Iglew Steel Coat)

Tom E Vercetti – Fugitive

Arma – Snake

Iglew – Rainbow

Celestial Trax – Illuminate (Iglew Remix)

Ice Pope – Cryolite

_____V – 10232014

? – ?


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