New Iglew – Urban Myth


We’ve been a little behind on a our daily posting and while it’s been necessary to push some of that material into our monthly FACT column and various radio ventures, it would have been a travesty to miss out on covering Iglew‘s debut EP on Mr. Mitch‘s Gobstopper Records. Since hearing the demos last year and immediately signing the Leeds-based producer on for an Astral Plane mix, we’ve been readily awaiting the announcement for the Urban Myth EP and there isn’t a better place for it than Gobstopper. And while the rest of the tracks on the EP are more or less based in grime’s square wave legacy, “Urban Myth” is a solitary track built on a beatific Japanese koto sounding melody and swaths of low end pads. It’s easy to enter something of a hypnotic state when listening to Urban Myth as a whole and the title track exemplifies that best. Or as Iglew told FACT, “[I] like thinking of music in terms of escapism, whether that’s delving into your own imagination when listening individually, or becoming part of a body of individuals having a collective listening experience.” Urban Myth is out in digital and vinyl formats on April 27 via Gobstopper. Hit the jump for snippets of the full EP.

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