Preview Tsvi’s Forthcoming ‘Set You Free’ EP On Nervous Horizons


Since last year’s Malfunction EP, Tsvi’s sound has seemed to condense and expand in equal measure, his sparkly overtures into boogie funk-inspired work have mostly gone by the wayside in favor of halting metallic efforts like “Something” and, more recently, the London-based producer’s edit of Scratcha DVA’s “The End”. The cut up synth work and shimmering surfaces are still there, but in some cases, Tsvi has gone in another direction, offering up banging four-on-the-floor techno (see: “Aquaflush” and his remix of Drones Club’s “Changeling”). Maybe it’s the dialogue with DVA, Mickey Pearce and other likeminded artists, but Tsvi, and Nervous Horizon in general, has been delving into increasingly bizarre, entangled forms of club music and the results are jaw dropping across the board.

There’s no release date yet, but Tsvi’s Set You Free EP will mark the second solo release on Nervous Horizon (after Wallwork & RZR’s Don’t Panic EP) and, if you’ve been listening to Tsvi & Crack Palace’s Radar Radio slots or the Swamp81 Rinse show, you’ll recognize much of the direction the artist and label are beginning to embark on. Across several solo tunes, a collaboration with Luru and remixes from Lokane and Luru, raw, machinic noise is the modus operandi on Set Me Free, whether that be scraping snares or pulses found throughout. The Nervous Horizon crew is packed with talent these days and yet Tsvi still manages to shine through each and every time, delineating exactly what makes the label so unique while pushing it further. Be on the lookout for more news regarding Set You Free and check out a radio rip of Luru’s edit of the title track after the jump.

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