Fallow Mix For The Astral Plane


Often overlooked in the conversation surrounding UK dance culture, a series of recent parties in Manchester have put the northern city in focus, the likes of Chow Down, Swing Ting and High Bank all contributing to a culture that embraces grime, UK funky, dancehall, reggaeton, kuduro, rap, R&B and beyond. Fallow is a regular at Chow Down and has long been embraced as one of the most talented members of the greater Boxed family, contributing to Boxed Vol. 2 and even providing a memorable/unfortunate moment when he fell off the stage at a Boxed event last year and chipped his tooth. Embracing both the weightless, square wave-focused side of grime and full frontal speed garage and UK funky, Fallow has shone with an MC at his side, contributing production work (with Finn) to Jammz’s song of the year candidate “Final Warning” and working extensively with vocal tunes in his mixes. His Astral Plane mix is chock full of choice vocals, from Beatking’s guttural boasts to Asher’s crooning over AdotR’s bassline jam “Look So Good”, each respective piece showing off Fallow’s ability accelerate and decelerate the mood with a deft touch. Check him out, along with Mssingno, Grizzle and Craig A.D., at the next Chow Down if you’re in Manchester and be on the lookout for a prime new solo release in the not so distant future. Also hit the jump to find out the best late night eats in Manchester, Fallow’s favorite set starters and more.

Where did you record the mix?

Front room

What’s your favorite set starter?

Early set: this one from Alex Compton >>>

Later set: has to be Giggs “Dey Know Freestyle” >>>

Last record you picked up?

Finn – Knock Knock… sounds alrite, still waiting on him to step up for a clash tho

Favorite youtube freestyle?

Griminal & Lil Nasty on Westwood, on repeat in college >>>

Favorite/least favorite internet personality?

Favourite: Inkke
Least favourite: Marcx

Favorite mode of transportation?

Virgin train b2b buckfast & the Chow Down lot

What’s your dream job?

James Bond innit

Favorite late night food spot in Manchester?

Chicken King, Fallowfield… s/o Elbo

Most recent out of body experience?

Fell off the stage @ Boxed last year n smashed my tooth out, thought I was dead man with Logos soundtracking my exit

Next gig?

5th December: Chow Down w/ MssingNo, Grizzle & Craig ADooby @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester >>>



Fallow – Bell Me
Einstein – Caliber
Murlo – Head Stroke
Aidonia – Ride (Raw)
The Town – The Movement
Beatking – Stopped (Gage Refix)
Dubbel Dutch – Darq
J Hus – No Way
Nativ – Shifty
Alex Compton – One Dollar Riddim
Fallow x Alex Compton – Untitled
Giggs – Freestyle
Jarreau Vandal – Lotus Eater (Vandalized Edit)
Trapz feat TB – Are You Mad
JT – Snow Lion
Rocks – Hold That (L)
Fallow – Regression
Waifer – Yes I Blunt (Fallow edit)
Maribor – Flutes
Jexxa – Fiyadance
Grizzle – Entreaty
Fallow x Grizzle – Deh Heaven
Loom – Dyed Black Hair
ADotR feat Asher – Look So Good
1QY & F@Z – Baby Don’t Go VIP
1QY & F@Z feat Killa P – Creeper 4×4 Vocal
Fallow – Touch Ya Knees
Fallow – Wall Bang VIP
Fallow x Marcx – Lose Sight
JT – Sinking Ship
Fallow x Grizzle – One More Time (Teaser)

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