Radar Radio w/ Close Up of the Serene


With an in-house/DIY focused model, Milwaukee’s Close Up of the Serene outfit have jetted out of the gates in 2016 with key releases from Athletic Supply, Liquid City Motors, Pharo and Mercury Drums. Unlike more traditional electronic labels with clear divisions of labor, Close Up is more of a collaborative effort and virtually every release has featured work from each member of the crew, whether it comes in the form of mixing and mastering work, cover photography or, in the case of Athletic Supply, full on instrumentation and live assistance. Considering our past adoration for Liquid City Motors’ output and assistance with our own label operations (he has mastered each of our releases to date) and the quality found in each Close Up release so far, it was an easy choice to bring them on for this month’s Radar Radio show, which aired last night. The first hour of the show, helmed by the Astarl Plane DJ Team, segues from dancehall, reggaeton and rap into noisy manipulations from Rabit, Ceramic TL, M.E.S.H. LXV and more before heading into the Close Up guest mix, recorded by label head Max Holiday, which effortlessly weaves techno, acid and post punk, largely from the label itself, into a doggedly gorgeous hour of direct rhythms, anguished choruses and squelching basslines. All three tracks from Liquid City Motors’ excellent Untitled 2 EP, out now on Close Up, appear in the mix as well, sounding impressively in line with the rest of the label’s output and productions from legends like Joey Beltram, Robert Hood and Plastikman. Hit the jump for a track list for the full show, download the show here and look out for our next Radar show on August 22.

Astral Plane DJ Team 0:00 – 1:00
v1984 x desiigner instro
Exit Sense – Daemons in the Sky
Equiknoxx – Porridge Should Be Brown Not Green
Elysia Crampton – Demon City
Palmistry – Club Aso
Endgame – Di4u
Tomasa del Real – Tu Señora (feat. Tallisto)
Erykah Badu – Phone Down (ZZ Edit)
Equiknoxx – Last of the Mohicans
Alex Compton – Dimelo
Tory Lanez – LUV
Traxamillion x Sheen x The Dream x Basile – Trax a’ Feels Til Equinox (B Edit)
Dinamarca – Libro
Endgame – Sittin’ Here Redux
Rafa Maya x M.E.S.H. – Bust x Follow Mute (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
NA – Too Much Mood (Massacooraman Edit)
Rabit – The Light of the World
LXV – Pripyat (Paper Crown)
Asher Levitas – Anticipating Violence
AF85 – Air it Out (feat. Organ Tapes)
Konx-Om-Pax – Caramel
Ceramic TL – Life On Earth
SHALT – Acheron (M.E.S.H. Remix)
Rabit – Splatter Cell

Close Up of the Serene 1:00 – 2:00
Tarek Sabbar – Plastic Bags (forthcoming on Close Up)
nsi. – Risset
The Klinik – Memories
Plastikman – Elektrostatik
Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three – The Roof Is On Fire (Break Dancers)
Liquid City Motors – Funktional Mathematiks
Altruist – Quicksand (forthcoming on Close Up)
Asher Gray – XLT (VIP Mix)
Joey Beltram – Subsonic Trance
nsi. – Ring
Random XS – Give Your Body
Liquid City Motors – Cirrostratus (Iridescent Mix)
Mercury Drums – Interference Dub
The Nighttripper – Phuture (Robert Hood Remix)
Athletic Supply – Life In Public (Radar Mix) (forthcoming on Close Up)
Radial – Quarantine
Asher Gray – Shapes On Waves (VIP Mix)
Mercury Drums – Oxygen Dub (forthcoming on Close Up)
DJ Skull – The Graveyard Orchestra
Liquid City Motors – Lafayette Hill

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