DJ JM Mix For The Astral Plane

dj jm

If you’ve tuned into mixes or radio appearances by artists like Neana, Eclair Fifi or NKC over the past few months you’re likely to have caught one of DJ JM’s many percussive heaters that seem to be slowly percolating towards popular consciousness. “Make Partie”, an irresistible collaboration with Neana, is the most popular so far, a carnivalesque banger of the highest order that pairs the sort of elastic percussion favored by both artists with an arrangement of distorted sirens and bizarre digi-horn synths. Unreleased to date, the pairing of the Night Slugs rep with the Lithuanian producer DJ JM is fitting considering the latter’s deep bed of unreleased material, a collection of originals and edits that range from simple drum tools to relentlessly fun dancefloor bombs that recall a re-tooled 90s house sensibility in line with labels like Dance Mania, Strictly Rhythm and Henry Street Music. Unlike many contemporary artists though, DJ JM doesn’t attempt to modernize or add some faux futuristic bent to those classic sounds, preferring to double down on the wood block percussion, runway vocals and indefatigable sense of forward motion that makes them so unforgettable.

Besides radio sessions by the aforementioned artists, the best place to catch DJ JM tracks is his Tactic Signals show on Radar Radio, a collaboration with Tuan:Anh that shows off their love for the 90s dance sounds mentioned above as well as West Coast rap and dancehall. Still a relatively new program in the Radar arsenal, Tactic Signals has already hosted Bay Area production legend Traxamillion, a coup of sorts that shows a willingness to reach out beyond the confines of new/similar artists, and continues to improve every month. DJ JM can also be found on the next Nervous Horizon release via a collaboration with Tsvi, another fitting joint venture that should get more than enough play from artists both within and outside of their respective circles. That track isn’t in DJ JM’s Astral Plane mix, but plenty of other original material is including “Make Partie” and about 12 other tracks with the potential to win over even the most jaded listener. The instrumental to “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child, Busy Signal’s “Text Message” and a bit of gqom make appearances, but the session’s main star is clear from the beginning, the whole affair not quite taking the air of a production mix, but clearly showing off a vault of unreleased material. Hit the jump for a full track list and be sure to tune in to Tactic Signals for even more exclusive DJ JM.

vicki sue robinson – move on (jeo carrano & welcome relentless drum dub)
DJ JM – or not
DJ JM – one punch
Destiny’s child – Lose my breath (instrumental)
DJ JM – Ode to glenn
DJ Lag – Ghost on the loose
DJ JM – naive
DJ JM – bonus bounce
Marlon D – Abu dhubi
Dj Gregory – Block party
DJ JM – strong argument
i’m rollin jm edit
Busy signal – text message
DJ JM – Girl calls a cab (JM VIP)
DJ JM – maxax
DJ JM – slippy beat
DJ JM – girl calls a cab DJ JM – give a f remake
DJ JM – never caught
wax 20002B loop
Bok Bok & Sweyn J – papaya lipgloss (DJ JM EDIT)

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