Premiere: Mya Gomez & Felix Idle – T2 Meltdown


Logo by Rap Simons

A key node in Australia’s small-but-dedicate map of boundary pushing club music producers, DJs and promoters, Sydney’s Body Promise show airs weekly on FBi Click radio and this Friday they’ll expand into label territory with Harmony From A Dominant Hue, a 15 track compilation featuring artists from across the electronic music spectrum. Named after an early 20th century color theory manual, the compilation traverses a number of moods and textures with artists like Jikuroux, Marcus (Not Singing) and Kimchi Princi providing drastically different takes on club and club-adjacent material. Body Promise’s Amelia Jenner sent over the following statement on the release, which reads like a mission statement:

What started out as a humble radio show on FBi Click in Sydney, Australia has now turned into a fully fledged label focussing on boundary pushing club music. Tired of hearing the same bro dominant house and techno that has become the norm in Australia, Body Promise emerged as another platform for this incredibly diverse community that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. The time has come for them to unleash their debut compilation into the world. Over a year in the making, the compilation is the culmination of everything Body Promise stands for. It is adventurous, transportive, and unpredictable.

It doesn’t focus on one certain genre in particular but rather on a vibe, opting to work with artists who have the same attitude towards music as they do.The act of arranging these seemingly different tracks into one complete body of work means that complementary sounds, moods, and textures become apparent in ways they not have been seen otherwise.

Longtime listeners will be familiar with this ethos, one born out in the crew’s own selections and their guests which have recently included DJ NK, Mina and Svani, as well as a host of Australian talent. We’re lucky to have Mya Gomez & Felix Idle’s “T2 Meltdown” on premiere today, a highlight of Harmony From A Dominant Hue and a collaboration that seems to haunt long after it ends. Heavy breathing, distant firecrackers and wind make up the atmosphere on “T2 Meltdown”, skewing towards the baroque before ratcheting drums and diaphanous effects take over. Look out for Harmony From A Dominant Hue this Friday and don’t sleep on the Body Promise show.



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