|| FLORA Mix For The Astral Plane


Having spent years in London and Berlin as a writer and DJ, Flora Yin-Wong is deeply engrained in the world of experimental electronic music, but many were introduced to || FLORA, Yin-Wong’s latest musical alias, earlier this week. That was when New York’s PTP (fka Purple Tape Pedigree) dropped the fourth edition in their CELL Audio Codex series — part mixfile, part recipe book — featuring City God, a gorgeous 15 minute composition by Yin-Wong. On City God, the || FLORA project, previously teased in mixes and edits, comes into focus, an exploration of identity, technology and history born out through lithe electronics and smartly integrated sample work recorded on a trip to east Asia. City God is available here and more || FLORA material is set to be released through Objects Ltd on the not so distant horizon.

Born and raised in London with Hong Kong and Malaysian heritage, Yin-Wong plays the dual roll of personal historian and curator in her musical output, displaying macro historical narratives alongside her own recordings as a way of investigating the entangled nature self-identity, culture and language. It’s somewhat cliche, but || FLORA shows the fingerprints of an artist who has spent a good portion of time writing, editing and working behind-the-scenes for labels (most recently PAN), a dedication to detail and a reticence of both what is fleeting and what is contemporary.

Her Astral Plane mix splits from the intensely personal, but functions equally as a personal document, providing a roadmap to Yin-Wong’s peers (Abyss X, Soda Plains, Hex, Organ Tapes, etc.) and re-contextualizing her original work in what is an extremely effective club composition. Tresillo rhythms, Jersey club structures and glossy synth work dominate the 128th Astral Plane mix, a jarringly beautiful and distinctly modern path through myriad club genres that seems to heave and convulse in its own skin. It’s the manic analog City God assured confidence, teetering on the precipice without fully falling, a somewhat stressful place-of-being that keeps the listener constantly on edge. Full track list is after the jump and more || FLORA material can be found here.


Tacit – Abyss X
Misceo – CYPHR & Kid Antoine
动机 – Dirty K
Beg (Hex Remix) – RULES
Kyzylkum|| FLORA
Tomboy (Kid Cala Remix) – Princess Nokia
Came For It – DJ Zone x Svengali x Nils Sjöberg
Amaterasu – WRACK
No Drama (Sami Baha Remix) – Cadenza
Drag Hunt – Kai Whiston
Maranello StarLa Vie C’est Facile
Azriel (y y y Remix)Bulma
Rodeo – Soda Plains
Padme BadGyal – Rosbeg
Della-Consentia – DELLAFUENTE
叶子 Van Si (Organ Tapes edit) – Hyph11E x Ony
Epoch – Keidian Syme & Buga

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