Premiere: SPF666 – Playful Child Riddim + Glass Box Riddim


Every so often, the bubbly come ons of SPF666’s “Here Little Kitty” remix or his own “Tsundere ツンデレ” will rise through the mix at the club, an always-welcome interjection and a reminder that the Portland-based artist has turned in some of the most indelible entries to the less conventional end of the club music spectrum. It’s been a few years since the release of his Scorpion Cache EP and while original music has been few and far between, the Club Chemtrail representative has stayed busy, contributing excellent writing and mix work to FACT’s Originators series and showing up with the occasional cheeky remix.

Last Thursday, we received the largest transmission from the SPF666 universe in quite some time, a Halloween Horror-themed mixfile for Martha’s Radar Radio show. Comprised of edits and blends of music from Friday The 13thLost BoysThe Hills Have EyesTetsuo The Ironman and more, SPF666’s takes range from dembow to hardstyle and are as rooted in legitimate study and affection for those genres as they are campy experimentation. We’ve got both the vocal and riddim versions of the “Childs Play Riddim” and “Glass Box Riddim” on premiere today, the former featuring Popcaan’s “Way Up” and the latter resuscitating Cassie’s classic “Me & U”. The perfectly swung lurch of the dembow beat form the backbone of both and choral pads (on the former) and haunting charms (on the latter add more than enough of a creep element. The riddims would be silly if it they weren’t so well produced and the vocals didn’t fit so seamlessly over the top, a welcome reminder that self-serious music doesn’t have to be stodgy. Find the full show after the jump and catch a track list here.

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