$JAYY Mix For The Astral Plane


We’ve written extensively over the past few years on the growth of Jersey Club from beloved regional dance genre to global phenomenon and have been lucky enough to feature a few of our favorite producers from Jersey. Kayy Drizz and DJ J Heat have turned in two of our absolute favorite Astral Plane mixes to date and today, we’re lucky to have $JAYY in the mix. For the unfamiliar, $JAYY has gained notoriety through consistency and work rate, pushing out edits and originals through his Soundcloud with startling efficiency. To boot, he’s experimented with everything from slouched, stoned out hip hop to frantic footwork for labels like TAR and Like That and, most recently, self-released an album of edits and original work called Acid Club. Those familiar with artists like UNIIQU3, TRICK$, SWISHA and Ase Manual, all of whom $JAYY has collaborated with, will find comfort in his full force drum arrangements and uncanny touch with samples, which, as far as we’re concerned, has set the pace for Club music at large.

His mix contribution, recorded in the midst of a busy finals week, encapsulates everything we love about Jersey Club, running the gamut from hyped up, stripped back floor burners to more restrained, melodic ideas. Familiar dance moves and call-and-response can be found throughout, as can the requisite edits of a huge chunk of the past year’s rap hits. Several collaborations with Gutta and DJ Tray punctuate the mix nicely, as does an unreleased Mike Gip track and material from DJ Sliink, Ase Manual and DJ Jayhood. At 34 tracks in just 40 minutes, it’s a kinetic mix, but it’s hard to imagine Jersey Club mixed any other way and the frenetic pacing is met by quality at every turn. Grab a download of the mix here and check out more $JAYY here.

A$AP FERG – Plain Jane ($Jayy Remix)
Work – $Jayy & Gutta
The Goat Remix – $Jayy feat.WestEnd Taz #WEW
Tyler ,TheCreator – Sometimes ($Jayy Remix)
???? – $Jayy
LOOK AT ME – $Jayy & Gutta
Draco – $Jayy & Gutta
Pull Up With Ah Stick – $Jayy x Gutta x Tray Cartel
Club On Fire – Breeze ‘You Nasty
Fresh Anthem No Drops – 93rd
No Evidence – Ase Manual
Skateboard P (Dj Sliink Remix)
Tay-K The Race (Lil C4 Remix)
Trunk V2 – UNIIQU3 & Yung Kiid
Shawty Is A Ten (Unreleased) – Mike Gip
Momma told me – Monte Booker
Icon – Jaden Smith
COOKIN DA DOPE WIV DA UZI (forthcoming album) – DJ YUNG VAMP
Money So Long – MNDBD
Wizkid – Nobody (Ase Manual Remix)
DJ Flex – Eggplant Afrobeat (Feat. AStar & EDouble)
Calle Ocho ( I Know You Want Me ) [UNRELEASED] – Mike Gip
Drive Dat Car – Dj Jayhood
Migos – TShirt ( Sean Will Remix )
Sorry – Beyonce ( Λpollo Remix )
Ice Melts ($Jayy Edit)
Nickhook ft. Novelist – Can’t Tell Me Nothing ($JAYY VIP REMIX)
SPICE GIRLS – WANNA BE ($JAYY REMIX) [Exclusive RMG & Friends Vol. 2 Version]
BLESSING(forthcoming album) – DJ YUNG VAMP
Efímero – humble.
Young M.A – Walk
Jetson – ㅤㅤ ミツメミツメ
SILVER – MONTE BOOKER [SJayy ,TheHuman & LIL BOYFRIEND Unplugged Verses]

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