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Can someone answer for me why it has taken Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum this long to collaborate? The two have been friends for over 12 years for gods sake and are both among the vanguard of North American bass music. At least the name, timing and label for the release feels thorough. The Jets EP will be released on October 29 via long-standing Berghain party/collective/label  Leisure System who have released tunes from Eprom and Barker. For now, stream “Lock Lock Key”, a stuttering bit of chipmunk funk, completed by Stewart’s syncopated rhythms.

And once again, Machinedrum proves why is among the vanguard of outside of the box producers pushing electronic music into the future. Here he takes a rare recording of a Boards of Canada performance from 1999 and, using a bootleg recording, recreates the untitled jam. There are very, very few artists who could take on something like this and Machinedrum is definitely one of them. From the mouth of Mr. Stewart:

“Using the recording I laid new drums over the existing drum patterns (almost 100% accurate to original), replayed some synth parts and the bassline. The only thing I didn’t try to re-create was the original vocoder parts and some random samples so I used the original bootleg recording for that.”

You can stream the original bootleg here. This is the type of endeavor that keeps me engaged in listening to and sharing music with all of you beautiful people. Enjoy.

Update: Free downloads have run out, but you can grab the track here.

Whether he is working as Machinedrum, Sepalcure or Dream Continuum, Travis Stewart just continues to pump out forward-thinking tunes. Whether he’s delving into jukewith Om Unit, hip hop with Azealia Banks trance tropes with Lone, the North Carolina native just doesn’t stop. His newest tune, “Luster”, will be found on Electronic Explorations’ 50+ track compilation due on July 1st. A smooth percussion heavy cut meant for the club, “Luster” is just another success to add to Stewart’s rapidly growing resume. Head over to Little White Earbuds for a free download and stream below.

While I sit around feeling sorry for myself because I’m not at Coachella, here are a few musical gems from the past week. We’ve got several great remixes and a couple new originals as well. If you’re missing out on Coachella this weekend, avoid sinking into a deep depression by checking out some of the live stream on YouTube.

Download: A$AP Rocky & Theophilus London – “Big Spender”

Stream/Download: Tycho – “Dive” (Memoryhouse Remix)

Stream/Download: Rainbo – “Sand Man”

Stream: Lianne La havas – “Lost and Found” (Lapalux Remix)

Stream: Frank Ocean – “Whip Appeal” (SBTRKT Edit)

Stream/Download: Louis Blaise – “Love And Gwalla” (Phillip D Kick Remix) 

Stream/Download: Kanye West – “Mercy” (RAJA Remix)

Stream/Download: Machinedrum and FaltyDL – “Give In 2”

Travis Stewart never ceases to amaze me. The man known to most as Machinedrum just doesn’t stop. We’ve already written about Stewart several times, so I’ll let you do some independent research into what we think of him. This time, he’s back with an hour long mix for Mixmag’s “Mix of the Week” series. Jumping between genre’s and musical styling’s as effortlessly as he does in his various projects (Sepalcure, Dream Continuum, etc.), this mix is impeccable. I’ve already spent the majority of my morning scouring the web for several of the tracks. Stream and download below.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Machinedrum is a favorite over here at The Astral Plane. When I heard that he was remixing Bonobo’s “Eyesdown”, another Astral Plane favorite, I could barely contain my excitement. The final product though left something to be desired. Something about the breakbeat drums and scattered vocals just didn’t match up. Until the video dropped. I have a thing for animated music videos. Something about music put to well done animation just gets to me. The “Eysdown” video, animated by Anthony Schepperd (who also did Blockhead’s “The Music Scene) truly breathes air into an otherwise empty feeling song. Most videos serve as a compliment, or in some cases a detriment, to a song, but Schepperd manages to take Machinedrum’s mediocre original to another level.

Photo from facebook

Wow Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart just keeps coming through with the collaborations. Last year it was Sepalcure (with Praveen Sharma) and now he has partnered up with Jim Coles aka Om Unit. Last month, Om Unit wowed everyone with his L.A. Refixes 7″ preview, featuring remixes of Daedelus and Om’Mas Keith. Machinedrum has been anything but quiet as well, releasing the SXLND EP, a remix for Bonobo and a mix for the Fader. Now the two have teamed up to form Dream Continuum and plan to release their first EP, titled Reworkz, on March 26 via Planet Mu. “B Free” is the rapid fire A-side to the EP and really highlights the skills of both producers. Spanning 6:46, “B Free” flips in and out of a breakbeat patter to highlight chopped vocals and an uplifting piano loop. The track is only available to stream at the moment, but be on the lookout for more Reworkz in March.