Back in February, we featured an Astral Plane mix from Houston duo Santa Muerte, comprised of Sines and Panchitron, that was absolutely packed full of disarming bootlegs, edits and reworks of hits in both English and Spanish. Snippets of grime and ballroom were splayed across the tape, as was a heavy amount of dembow and the volume immediately become a favorite in the car on hot Los Angeles days. That mix ended in fine form with an exciting blend of Murlo’s “Loyal” edit and “Cositas Raras” by Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Farruko. Now, we’ve got that bootleg, along with six others from the Santa Muerte team, up for premiere and free download. Edits of Visionist, Dat Oven and False Witness sit alongside otherworldly, Mr. Mitch-esque Tinashe reworks and a bizarro “U.O.E.N.O” x “Sientelo” blend. Bootlegs & Edits Vol. 2 (Vol. 1 can be found here) is all over the place stylistically, but that’s the Santa Muerte way, an intelligent smash up of popular Caribbean sounds with on-the-cusp UK and East Coast sounds. It’s swaggering and imprecise, but so are modern metropolis’, where disparate micro-cultures, internalized sonic routines and dance run into each other on a daily basis. Stream and download Bootlegs & Edits Vol. 2 below and be sure to follow Santa Muerte on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.

  1. Dat Oven – Icy Lake (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
  2. Santa Muerte – Dimelo Ft Sir Speedy And Lumidee (Bootleg)
  3. False Witness – Makina (Santa Muerte Edit)
  4. Nicki Minaj – Only (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
  5. Santa Muerte – 24hrs (Bootleg)
  6. Santa Muerte – Cositas Rara x Lo (Edit)
  7. Tinashe – Vunerable (ft. Travis $cott) (Santa Muerte Bootleg)
  8. Visionist – Eye Try (Santa Muerte Retool)


Montreal-based label Infinite Machine has made a name for itself by working harder than the rest of the field and implementing an omnivorous approach that ignores both traditional genre barriers and geography. Next up on the docket for the label is an EP from Seattle grime provocateur Korma, titled ZGMF-X19A (a sly Gundam reference) and set for a May 11 release date. The EP, including remixes from Liar and Tomas Urquieta, can be previewed here and is thoroughly excellent, another step forward for a producer whose talents have never been in question. We’ve got an outtake from the EP, a remix from Vancouver-resident Spurz, on premiere today and having run through this rework a dozen or so times, it’s baffling it didn’t make the cut. Wobbly in terms of both production aesthetic and intended result, Spurz’s take on “Dismantle” is another cross-denominational work that doesn’t skimp on the bass weight. Whereas most “grime-meets-ballroom-meets-whatever” tracks are far more interesting in theory than they are in practice, Spurz has the wherewithal and restraint to allow the sped-up “Ha Dance” sample lay dormant until the end where it hits hardest. Grab Spurz’s “Dismantle” rework below and be sure to buy ZGMF-X19A on May 19.


With less than 24 hours until release, we’ve got a roundup of a few more tracks from Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 2. The first is Air Max ’97’s bootleg version of Jacque Gaspard Biberkopf’s “Public Love”, premiered by the good folks at Liminal Sounds this morning. Because of a hard drive crash, the Melbourne-based producer was forced to go off of the MP3 version of Biberkopf’s original, but that just made his kinetic flip even more inventive. Second is Gobstopper signee Iglew’s take on Celestial Trax’s “Illuminate”, the most grime-leaning attempt from Vol. 2 and a peak time banger if I’ve ever heard one. Vol. 2 can be found here tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.32.28 AM

One week from today, we’ve got Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 2 on the docket, our third official release and the second volume in our Heterotopia remix series.

The second volume of Heterotopia Remixes has finally arrived, featuring a global collection of artists remixing songs from our debut compilation. With Air Max ’97, Mike G, Riley Lake, Rushmore and Victoria Kim involved, Vol. 2 is a thrilling run through stripped down club forms, a percussive melange that looks to Baltimore as much as it does Bristol. Angular club music has found its way into unexpected places as of late and this collection of producers are leading the way in the admirable charge to discomfit the dance music realm. This volume also features incredible art work by prodigal East Coast artist Terrell Davis (featured in Dazed, New York Times etc.), continuing the trend of reinterpreting the original release’s cover in new and exciting ways.

Out next Tuesday (March 10) via our BandcampHeterotopia Remixes Vol. 2 features a selection of artists from the original compilation, as well as recent Gobstopper signee Iglew, who turned in an engrossing Astral Plane mix a few weeks ago. Check out the track list below and be sure to check back in this space over the next week for more sneak peaks of the tape.

Track list:

1.) Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf – Public Love (Air Max ’97 Bootleg)

2.) Kid Antoine – Nightvision (Mike G Remix)

3.) Rushmore – Moment X (Victoria Kim’s Kowloon Edit)

4.) Celestial Trax – Illuminate (Iglew Remix)

5.) Victoria Kim – Apgu Freeway (Rushmore Remix)

6.) Arkitect – Foucault’s Dream (Riley Lake Remix)


Combining one of the most creative presentations in the game with an instantly memorable flow, Cakes Da Killa‘s Hunger Pangs remained in constant circulation in our “office” since its release in Summer 2014. In order to further the energy surrounding the original release, Cakes got together a collection of producers to remix, rework and refresh the original tape, bringing in Rizzla, Rye Rye, Uniiqu3, Drippin and more. The Deluxe Edition has a definite ballroom flavor to it, but can’t be reduced to a product for or of the New York scene, instead functioning as Cakes’ idiosyncratic take on the sound and its various mutations. The Hunger Pangs Deluxe Edition is out now and can be found at Cakes’ web store, but we’ve been presented with a chance to hand out Drippin’s contribution, a “Sake” version of “It’s Not Ovah”. Last scene on these pages turning in our most popular Astral Plane mix to date, the Norwegian producer had a banner 2014, releasing his debut Silver Cloak EP on Lit City Trax and rocketing into the general club music consciousness. His contribution to the Deluxe Edition is in line with his previous work, all smacking snares and vertical propulsion, while Cakes adds vital energy to  the metallic construction.


By most standards, Estonian producer Norman Orro aka Music For Your Plants resides at the fringe of what can be considered dance music, his output a cataclysm of warring natural and technological elements. Last year’s PAN EP, a component in DIS Mag’s “Disaster Issue”, was one of the most exhilarating sonic entities released all year, 15 minutes of bleeding techno futurism subsumed under a gauze of bleeding over saturation. Orro’s latest releases comes in a surprising place, a remix on Los Angeles neo-soul housers Newbody’s latest single. Released on Interscape Records (Traxman, Karmelloz, DJ Paypal), Newbody’s “Think!”, as well as b-side “2 Much Of U”, is a fairly straight forward house number, but the remixes, also from Karmelloz, Ultrademon and D/P/I, are anything but. And while the other remixes take the originals into deep bliss with a New York flavor (Karmelloz), ardkore madness (Ultrademon) and disintegrated footwork (D/P/I), MFYP’s rework actually appears to be the most digestible on first listen. Of course, Orr’s work only ever really functions as a facsimile of what digestible, major-chord-inclined music is supposed to sound like, deconstructing the pop apparatus into its, sometimes thrilling, sometimes melancholy-inspiring, constituent elements. Download, MFYP’s remix below and check out Think!, out February 10, here.


After teasing out remixes for the past two weeks, it’s our pleasure to announce that Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 1 is now available for free download (or pay what you want) at The Astral Plane Bandcamp. Remixes from Druid Cloak, Iglooghost, Sharp Veins, Patrick Brian, Fraxinus, She’s Drunk and Chants feature and we couldn’t be happier with the imaginative way each respective artist flipped a track from the original Heterotopia. Check out Druid Cloak and Patrick Brian’s reworks, the only two that have not been revealed to date, after the jump.

Luckily, this is only the first volume of remixes we have for you and Vol. 2, slated for an early March release, will feature a tantalizing array of our favorite producers! A lot of words have been spilt by us on these remixes so far and now that release date has come we can’t wait to let the sounds percolate through to all of you.

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Tomorrow, Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 1 will be available via our Bandcamp page, but we’ve allowed another sneak peak of the tape through the folks at Tiny Mix Tapes. Debuted in TMT’s Chocolate Grinder section, the “lesser heard and lesser known”, section of the magazine, Iglooghost’s remix of Air Max ’97’s “Chasm” reconstitutes the original into a short burst of wonky hip hop, the Irish producer lacing a thread of dazzling energy into AM97’s rolling production. Check out Fraxinus, Sharp Veins and Chants’ contribution to the tapes at Mixmag, FACT and our own humble abode.

Chants_300dpi_b_wOriginally slated as an addendum to the original release of Heterotopia, Chants“U Had Rhythm” grew into one of our favorite tracks from the release, transcending its placement in the bonus tracks. The Wisconsin-based producer has largely garnered a following via his warm instrumental hip hop productions, but his forceful drum tracks are what originally piqued our interest and all signs point to the two distinct styles eventually joining in blissful confluence. And after our infatuation with “U Had Rhythm”, bringing on Chants for the Heterotopia Remixes was one of the easiest decisions during the planning stage. His rework of Mike G‘s “Limestone”, the rushing 140 heat rock from original compilation, is another brilliant step forward, reaffixing the original’s shuttering crashes and vaulted square waves onto a syncopated club kick pattern. It’s harmonically forward thinking and subtly transfixing, a workout subducted under a heap of beatific chords. Chants not have made a name for himself in the world of club trax quite yet, but every brilliant addition to his record takes him a step closer. Fraxinus’ remix of Kid Antoine’s Nightvsion was premiered on Mixmag last week and FACT Mag got the jump on Sharp Veins’ Iglooghost remix on WednesdayHeterotopia Remixes Vol. 1 is out February 3.



After some time spent in London towards the end of 2014, American producer Sharp Veins has quickly ingratiated himself into a thriving international community of experimental producers and is set to debut on Glacial Sound in the near future. With a strong base in noise, ambient and computerized sound, he has found himself compared with the likes of the Janus folks out of Berlin, Total Freedom and his compatriots in Los Angeles and Virignia’s E+E. It was an obvious decision for us to reach out to Sharp Veins for our second release, Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 1, and his remix of Iglooghost’s “Wood Farm” has had us jumping out of seats for weeks. Ratcheting down the tempo for the remix (as he’s wont to do), SV’s take on “Wood Farm” begins as a lo-fi techno stomper, enveloped in rings of feedback and ambient noise that would make William Basinski proud. Halfway through, the remix disintegrates into almost nothingness before emerging into a neck snapping half-step composition, the cacophonous noise falling away to reveal a Clams Casino-esque crescendo. At over seven minutes, the remix might come across as presumptuous at first, but it’s strength comes in its ability to confound, surprise and engage. Sharp Veins’ remix of “Wood Farm” will be out next Tuesday (February 3) on Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 1. Watch this space for more information on the release and be sure to grab Fraxinus’ remix of Kid Antoine’s “Nightvsion” over at Mixmag.